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The Next Generation Matcha – Unicity Matcha X

Matcha X Feel The Burn

Unicity Matcha X is the newest formulation in MATCHA products…clinically tested and years ahead of the marketplace. Introducing Unicity Matcha X Unicity Matcha X is a NEW PRODUCT that is a thermogenic fat burner unlike anything on the market. This…
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These Homemade Protein Bars Are Amazing


A few days ago I whipped up at random some Homemade Protein bars out of ingredients I had here at home. They actually turned out to taste really amazing and they are extremely healthy. I posted it on Facebook and…
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Unicity Transformation Saved My Middle Age


You Still Have to Count, or Else Stop Having Birthdays In 2012 I went through the Transformation with tremendous success. Looking back, I believe that Transformation experience saved me from turning that “middle age” corner of having to face a…
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We All Need a Coach & Mentor

COACHING word cloud

Today I felt inspired to write about the value of having a Coach & Mentor for a number of reasons. First off, because I believe the reason less than 5% of people ever achieve their goals and dreams is because…
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