A Culture Dying to Eat

I’ve covered a number of topics in my Blog posts here on this site including mindset, abundance, gratefulness and cleaning healthy eating. All things to creating an Awakened Life.

I’m definitely not the most “Awakened one” you will meet, but I’m working on myself every day and through this blog I’m sharing what’s working for me. All I know is that if you stay focused you’ll make progress without even realizing it.

We need to become aware

As part of living an Awakened Life we need to become aware of our external environment, society and industry…this includes how we are influenced in our food choices.

Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat

I encourage you to watch this documentary video below. All I can say is that this video gives a clear picture on where we are today as individuals with regards to our food, our health and our future, and clearly explains how we got here as a society.

As I watched this video I kept thinking that this is great but people need a road-map to making the shift for themselves and their family. It’s not as easy as watching, seeing and then doing!

A Roadmap for Change

That road-map is not just selling people “supplements” or “medications” as the solution to offset the problem. It may take watching a movie like this to really “get it” and fully grasp what’s at stake here if the shift is ever going to happen in your life.

The solution to making the shift is having awareness, knowledge, shifting our mindset, and most importantly being part of a like minded community offering education, coaching, support and encouragement. This is why I am so excited about my Metabolic Health & Mindset groups.

My goal is to bring together pieces of the Life puzzle like this video to allow you to create an Awakened Life. It really does make the difference if you embrace it.