A Successful Business Model to Learn From

Did you know that 44% of all businesses fail within the first 2-years?

Businesses fail and people fail in business; but the common theme is the need for a predictable business system to follow.

When was the last time you heard of a golden arches restaurant franchise go out of business? There is a reason why this McDonald’s franchise business model works so well.

McDonald’s is a proven system.

McDonald’s restaurants have the business system, training, a consistent product (unhealthy products), a consistent presentation and a consistent brand globally. As good as this franchise business model is, it is not something that is financially available for everyone.

Start-up costs

Did you know the average McDonald’s franchise owner earns 10% on sales, but as a franchise owner they are required to pay 12% in ongoing Royalty Fees, including a $900,000 to $1.8 Million start up fee, as well as an annual franchise fee of $45,000.

WHAT IF…you had all the benefits but none of these costs?

Would you like to find a franchise business were you could invest little but receive an immediate return?

What if you could find a franchise system that is so simple, so predictable and duplicatable that you really could not fail….a franchise that cost as little as $40.00 USD, but could bring you $60,000 annualized income with 100 monthly customers? What if you could go get yourself 200 or 300 customers?

Franchise Duplication

What if you could branch out to find other successful franchise owners? What if you could help them get started and for your efforts you received royalty fees on their franchisee business, much the same as McDonald’s corporate does.

This could be all yours for only $40.00 USD and a small investment in start-up inventory (between $300 to $1200 USD).

Find out More…

Would you like to learn more about this Franchise business model? Watch this 4 minute video.

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