Are You Building the Bridge to Your Legacy?

In a fast paced society, with an economic downturn that has virtually affected everyone in one way or another, people scramble for a solution.

There are opportunities popping up every week. Some will be OK others will be, scary and short lived and may rob people of their last hope. Virtually all will require focused effort and work; there is no ‘Promised Land’ for free.

As people look for an opportunity to earn income, they should keep in mind, look for proven track records, look for longevity, look for a record of people achieving success, look at corporate leadership and experience, look for unique and proven products. YOUR reputation is on the line.

If you are adverse in sharing what you are doing with your closest friends and family; question your sense of security and pride with your choice of company. Not everyone will join you; however you should be comfortable enough to at least show them what you are doing.

A new venture is best if it has secure and exciting programs in place which will help pay the bills while you are building your business. Make sure it is more than a promise and people are actually acquiring these benefits.

Have a listen to the following recording; it explains the compensation plans, what is and what isn’t.

Question……Are you building a Bridge to your Legacy…or…are you still strolling on a footpath?

Source: Darlene_Long