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Certified GetFit21 Health & Mindset Coach Apprentice Program

We’ve already put thousands of individuals through our 21 Day Health & Mindset program. We’re on a mission to connect our cause to the people who care the most. We need more Coaches!

A Revenue Source

Being a successful entrepreneur is about keeping your options open and capturing opportunities that others may have missed. This Apprenticeship program is your step-by-step business plan that will offer you more value for your clients and a greater financial return on your efforts.

We currently have a diversity of Coaches from many fields who have adopted our program as an additional revenue source or their main income. We currently work with many wellness coaches, fitness trainers, nutrition experts, physicians, nurse practitioner, diabetic specialist, dietician, corporate employees, stay-at-home moms, and many more.

Coaching that is Turn-Key:

Forget spending hours a day coming up with content. My 5-step turn-key Coaching Training System gives you the training and content you need to hit the ground running, while still letting your unique personality shine through. All you have to bring is a passion for improving other’s lives.

Coaching that is Supportive:

My system doesn’t end at coaching – I’ll give you the training you need to reach new markets and keep your teams growing and going strong.

Coaching that is Affordable:

There are no monthly coach or maintenance fees.

Coaching that is Rewarding:

Get recognition and rewards for progress, results, and consistency. Not just numbers, but helping people! Earn passive income doing what you LOVE!

If You Are Looking For….

1. Flexible working hours, work when and where you want to.
2. Fulfilling, by own business that centers around helping others improve their lives.
3. Community, be connected to others are likeminded doing the same thing all over the world.
4. Empowered, by creating, running, and maintaining a profitable home business.
5. Independent, by the freedom of earning a new source of income.
6. Look and feel great, by living principles.
7. Encouragement, from your fellow coaches or from those you are coaching.
8. Valued in your life.
9. Low Risk.
10. Turn Key, as our business will be simple and stress-free laid out for you to step by step.

Lets get in touch and lets explore the possibilities of you becoming a Certified Metabolic Health & Mindset Coach. We have a limited amount of spaces available.


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