Unicity Matcha Leading the Craze

The marketplace is becoming even more aware of Matcha and now people WANT IT! This trend is exploding…

The “Matcha Boom” has started primarily in the middle to high income phenomenon, since there is only a limited amount of pure ceremonial Matcha that is made and exported from Japan each year, resulting in a consistently higher price and exclusive market appeal.

Its time to lead the craze!

Now today, the Matcha story is sweeping the continent. Many celebrities and health professionals are advocating Matcha. As Dr. Mercola has said, “Don’t miss out on Japan’s best kept secret. How could 127 Million people be wrong?

Unicity Matcha, the Entrepreneurs Dream is Leading the Craze

Unicity Matcha is the entrepreneurial opportunity that is worth millions of dollars! Right now we are so far ahead of the industry. Being in the Matcha business is an exclusive crowd, as not everyone company will get their hands on it and be able to market this high-grade Matcha.

Its time to raise YOUR standards and embrace this exciting Matcha opportunity that is unfolding…and do something about it for you and your family. Lets talk!