Seeing the Opportune Times…through Troubled Times

Many of us here in the East spent the last few days watching Hurricane Earl as it headed north up the Atlantic Ocean, along the coastline towards Canada.

The predictions and estimates on the size, strength and path of this storm had varied from day to day; and from almost hour to hour.

What was going to happen?

We had seen varying opinions from one media outlet to the other, and from the American and Canadian hurricane centers. No one could advise with precise accuracy when and where this storm would strike.

It’s hard to determine what nature will do

No one could agree on the size, scope and danger of this force of nature expected to arrive in the following hours. It was a massive force of nature and we should always be taking every precaution.

When it comes to a force of nature that significant atleast we know enough to know we can not fight it, and we know that we can not stop it. We just have to embrace its arrival and prepare for it.

Natural storms in comparison to trends in the world (and business)

As I went through the past few days watching the progression of this storm it made me think of this in relation to the significance of major trends in the world today, and more specifically in business. I am sure you have heard the saying, “A Rising Tides Lifts all Boats”.

While a hurricane with its significant power will destroy whatever stands in its path, it made me think about how the ocean tides rise from a change in a force greater than anything we can control, regardless if you tried to fight it or run from it.

Understanding trends

We just have to understand it, accept and make the best of it. We have to rise with the tides. As it relates to trends in the world and in business…when you see a tide rising you must learn to capture the moment as you may not have another.

With today’s trends in the world there is no better time to start your own business…find out why.

There is a tide rising…are YOU ready for it?

Are you ready to embrace a tide that is going to rise so big it will be like a hurricane storm surge? But unlike a hurricane, you do want to put your boat in the water and participate; you want to follow a proven plan of action and watch your boat rise with the tide.

If you don’t know yet…you will SOON!

Think about the number of people affect by heart disease, diabetes and obesity all combined…it would account for just about EVERYONE, both directly and indirectly. That is a HUGE tide coming through…

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