Here we are, it’s December 31, 2014, and the end to another year….we now find ourselves reflecting back over the past 12-months and looking ahead to next year.

It’s Really Just Time to Reflect on the Journey

I have personally taken this day to reflect on what a Journey this has been….not just over the past year, but my journey of discovery, achieving many milestones and continuously setting higher ones all along the way…over the past four years.

Today is actually a significant day for me as it was just four years ago that marked the end of my 24 year corporate career and the beginning of my full-time Entrepreneurial journey.

These past four years has led to me some insights that have allowed me to grow, expand my vision and become someone I was not…just a few years ago in 2009.

The Top 18 Things I Learned Since Leaving Corporate America

  1. You can’t lead the way without doing something Yourself.
  2. I have observed that the Economy has not gotten any better…even more people today are struggling to just simply pay their bills and get out of debt.
  3. I learned that people who have personal and work related financial challenges are curling up and becoming a modern day slave.
  4. I have learned to look for people who have the courage and will to commit to a better Life.
  5. I learned that to be a Leader I must become very clear with my WHY to inspire others to move.
  6. I also learned as a Leader and observer that the world is very noisy with motivation and very quiet with inspiration.
  7. Leaders need to surround themselves with inspiring, like-minded and empowering people.
  8. I learned that I do not know everything and to be an effective Leader we need to be in continuous pursuit of the best knowledge and become a consistent learner. It is the only thing that keeps a person ahead of the pack and out of the noise.
  9. People don’t care what you know…until they know they how much you care. It is always about how you left them feeling.
  10. I observed that some people think I am crazy and I learned how not to respond to their opinion because their opinion is none of my business.
  11. I learned that even though I thought I was “good” I am now leaning into the challenge and moving towards Great.
  12. I learned that my 24 years in the corporate world stunted my personal growth and the ability to Think, Dream and Experience this ever changing world of opportunity.
  13. I learned how to teach people from the heart and not the head.
  14. I learned how to have fun, enjoy the adventure and to laugh a lot.
  15. I learned that working hard does not keep you from having fun, enjoying the adventures and laughing a lot.
  16. I learned that there is a big difference between being interested and being committed.
  17. I learned that writing down my goals does not just create the roadmap to my success it increases the likelihood of achieving it.
  18. I have learned that if all of the above are true, I need to become a Leader and Lead the Charge to become an Example of what is Truly Possible for EveryBody.

Today, on this New Years Eve, I encourage you to also take this time to look within yourself and ask if you are on your own Journey and what you are learning. I have found my WHY and it is very clear….it’s NOW time you discover Yours!

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The following article appeared as the Letter of the Day in the Times & Transcript on Wednesday, March 12, 2014. This is dedicated to all who have the courage to follow your dreams by starting a home business.

Never diminish humble beginnings and where you are at right now. When I think of my home business journey since leaving the corporate world over 3 years ago I know now that I am fulfilling my dreams and helping others discover theirs.

Home Entreprenuers lift NB’s Economic Tide

Has anyone even noticed that the economic landscape throughout New Brunswick has changed? We see the obvious drivers in the economy as forestry, mining, farming, fishing and tourism, as well as a growing demand in food service, food processing, retail and call centers – mostly minimum wage part-time jobs.

What we fail to recognize is this ignored emerging economy in home based entrepreneurship. The majority of these home businesses actually fall in the Direct Sales profession. It is believed that most homes in New Brunswick have a product or service that was purchased from a friend in Direct Sales; such as cosmetics, personal care, jewelry, kitchen ware, food and health supplements, home décor, or clothing.

These home based entrepreneurs are easy to find as you can see them at the local markets, at wellness fairs, all over social media, as well as many other public venues throughout our communities. We are your neighbors who work out of our basements, in our living rooms, and out of our home offices.

Individually we may appear small and insignificant but collectively we are well connected to the emerging global economy through technology, social media and the internet. We do not ask for or need government handouts. We are this new breed of professional entrepreneurs who are creating New Brunswick as an interesting destination. Many of us are doing business all over the world educating consumers and offering our products and services right from our homes, and right across the street in your neighborhood.

If I was the Editor of this newspaper I would seek out these unique individuals and feature their stories to highlight examples of those who are out there in our communities creating their own career path, carving their way through this tough economy and generating their own financial stability. There is another story here besides the corporate and government doom and gloom that we all read in the news.

Many of us have interesting stories that lead us to decide why we do what we do, what drives us to continue every day, and the value we bring back into the local economy. These stories might just encourage someone else to step out and fulfil their dreams in a province that so desperately needs to understand that things have changed forever.

Doug Collins

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The Energy Drink Explosion

Energy Drinks have gone from nothing in the mid-1990′s to now being a $40 billion dollar global market directly targeting the 18 to 24 age group.

Energy Drinks are Harmful

Five people may have died in recent years after drinking Monster Energy, a popular energy drink that is high in caffeine, according to incident reports recently released by the Food and Drug Administration. ~ ABC News

Matcha is a Super Food in Japan

Matcha has been used in Japan for over 800 years and is known as one of their top 5 Superfoods. We know have Bios Life Matcha is the first healthy energy drink powered by Japanese Chi-Oka Matcha, a superior green tea.

Experience Matcha yourself and you will quickly understand not only its powerful Energy punch…but the superior nutritional value.

  • boost your energy
  • amplify mental clarity
  • provide high amounts of antioxidants
  • strengthen the immune system
  • restores and balances electrolytes
  • increases metabolism

The Chi-Oka Matcha Explosion

You do not have to go far in search of discovering the interest in Matcha is now at an all-time high. Even as you read this blog post there is a market explosion occurring.

More and more people are learning about Chi-Oka Matcha. From Hollywood celebrities and other lifestyle trending people to the general public everywhere people are going Mad Over Matcha green tea.

Check out my video as I compare Rockstar, Monster, Redbull and Chi-Oka Matcha

The Matcha Story is changing Lives

Its a beautiful day when one can see and understand what we do here is not just about marketing this super food, from a great company and a one of a kind home business entrepreneurial opportunity…its about the life changing story that comes together as a result.

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The magazine for luxury, lifestyle, fashion and business

The Summer 2013 issue of one of the world’s most exclusive Lifestyle Magazines, BELANE, has featured our Bios Life Matcha in a 4 page layout story.

Reference & Credibility

This is a stellar reference as well as introduces this incredible Matcha product to the world. The quality of the Magazine is superior, its oversize and matte layout reflects pure elegance.

Lifestyle & Celebrities

This magazine reaches many of the top celebrities around the world, and many are now becoming even more aware of our great lifestyle Matcha product.

The Markets Most Exciting Lifestyle Beverage

Matcha‬ is not just a great wellness drink adding so many benefits to your health…its an outstanding Entrepreneurial opportunity with perfect timing. If you are looking to Change your Life…don’t miss this!

What’s most exciting about Matcha is that immediate boost of energy you feel on the very first serving. Nothing compares to the immediate results like an ice cold Matcha! Such an exciting trend to lead!

See It, Feel It, Love It, and Promote It!

Bringing the Matcha story to the world is exciting and its rewarding. We are building an extraordinary passionate team together who Love That Matcha and we are attracting those who are truly ready.

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