Change is Needed to Deal with Diabetes, says NB Health Chief

The New Brunswick Health Chief recently stated that diabetes rates in this province are expected to increase 40% in the next decade.


The same article also stated the Diabetes Association currently estimates there are 80,000 people living with Diabetes in this province (that’s more than 10% of the population) and they also stated that Obesity is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes with 63% of adults and 24% youth/children are currently over-weight or obese.

Our Culture

The Health Chief was also quoted as saying, “OUR CULTURE IS NOT A HEALTH CULTURE, IT IS A SICKNESS AND DISEASE CULTURE” and that this province is resistant to change needed to deal with the looming tsunami of chronic disease. He went on to state that our system today has not made adjustments for today’s chronic lifestyle diseases…like diabetes.

Ask Yourself a Question

The question I ask is…are we going to continue to live our current lifestyles creating our own chronic lifestyle disease only to seek solutions from a health care system that admits they are unable and incapable of fixing it? Or will we begin to take our health into our own hands understanding how these chronic diseases develop and do what is necessary to break this lifestyle disease cycle.

Time for Change

It has been my mandate going into 2016 to meet with as many as I can to share with those who are open to learning how to take responsibility for their health and lifestyle…opening their eyes to valuable information that offers a better solution.

I am confident sharing this information as it is based on common sense, medically sound principles and scientific evidence, it is even being recommended and documented by thousands of medical doctors and health care professionals…unfortunately they are just not in New Brunswick.

Make a Decision

Lives are already being changed right here in this province for those who have made the decision that their health matters…and some doctors in the system are beginning to take notice.

This change will only come from the individual…those who are open to new information that has been changing lives for over 20 years! So will that be you? If not now…WHEN?

Or…are you part of that sickness and disease culture the Health Chief speaks of? It really is just a matter of personal choice!