A Changing Tide Towards Home Based Entrepreneurship

Today, more than ever, people are starting to realize that job security and job satisfaction is a thing of the past.

There are so many full-time jobs being lost due to corporate downsizing, right sizing and advances in technology that just require less of us in the workplace today.

Many are considering an entrepreneurial work from home business, specifically the network marketing profession. This growing trend is even capturing the attention and being endorsed by the media.

My Personal Story in the Media

I have had the pleasure of sharing My Story on CTV News recently which is a typical one that has been a common experience for so many over the past few years including layoff, downsizing, job terminations, union strikes, tough economy and more.

Media Endorses the Network Marketing Profession

What we are seeing is that the network marketing profession is increasingly becoming a more appealing option. NBC News recently featured a story about the soft economy and how many Americans are turning to the Network Marketing profession as their second source of income.

The Flexibility is Yours to Decide

There are those of us, working from home both full-time and part-time, who have chosen the network marketing profession not only for the low investment, the lifestyle and its freedom, but we are not saddled with most of the overhead and operational challenges that come with typical ‘bricks & mortar’ businesses.

Awareness is Growing

The Wall Street Journal, the leading financial newspaper in the US and probably the world, recently gave the Network Marketing profession a praise by calling it “The Ultimate Social Business Model”. In the article it listed five reasons to be part of the profession.

The Ultimate Social Business Model

  1. To Be Your Own Boss – you are in complete control of how you invest your time and how you go about building your business.
  2. To Save Time and Money – as an independent business owner, you purchase the products you love at discounts and you operate all activities from your home.
  3. It Offers the Ability to Expand Your Circle of Friends – direct selling business opportunities are based on building relationships. When building a direct selling business, customers and other team members appear to quickly become important and rewarding aspects to one’s life.
  4. You are Recognized and Rewarded for Achievement – it’s not every day that an adult receives praise for an effort well done, but the network marketing profession you are recognized and rewarded for every step along the way. These rewards also come as bonuses, trips and prizes. This is an essential component to the business model.
  5. You Begin to Build an Income – the network marketing profession has a compensation model that offers everyone the ability to build organizations that have the potential to create incomes beyond those earned from the personal efforts by selling/servicing as the direct seller.

A Profession that is Gaining Clarity

Recently Forbes.com published an article that profiled network marketing as a misunderstood profession. The media continues to affirm this growing industry! Here’s an excerpt from the Forbes article.

Is MLM a Bad Word?

Ever been confused about how a “home business” works? Of course you have, so have we. Most people have heard the term MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and usually at the end of that the word, “scheme” is added – giving the whole business model a bad name. Well…let’s change your negative perception…

Not only are “home businesses” or “MLM’s” very interesting, they are successful.

Many of the longest standing organizations in this country have this business model. MLM is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. Most commonly, the salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing. Sounds legit right – so why the bad press?

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Its the News Everywhere

We are seeing the media capture the attention of the network marketing profession and continue to profile it as a viable and legitimate home based business.

The question is…

Do you keep your options open to creating new rules and discovering ways to make additional income outside of what you are currently doing? Are you looking to reduce the stress in your life?

If you answer YES, then its time to take a look at the Matcha Opportunity!

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