A Day To Be Inspired

What a Day to be Inspired

Here I sit on a December Monday morning in my home office after a challenging and exhausting (but extremely rewarding) weekend.

Doug Collins in his office

Today is the first business day in December and once again I begin to reflect on the road I have traveled the past 48 months as a professional network marketer and how fortunate I have been to have this experience.

What a great day…and week ahead to know I get to work from home (no commute to an office, traffic or boardroom meetings).

This morning when I opened my computer and out of all the e-mail the only one that caught my attention was a blog post by Sven Goebel, subject line:

A rewarding phone call – something to think about. Sometimes it is the “unexpected” that makes your day – so it was yesterday, on a cold winter Sunday when I received a call from India.

His message caught my attention and reinforced to me WHY I do what I do…why I am so grateful and passionate to have the privilege to be here. For once in my life I am so excited for what the day brings and excited for tomorrow…and just knowing how I can play a role in impacting the lives who I choose to work with today and tomorrow.

This is not about a great Product, its not about a great Company, and its definitely not about how we are Positioned to capture the most significant market Trend to hit North America in decades. What we are doing here is showing there is a Better Way…a better way to exist, inspire and bless each other during our limited time here on earth.

What we are doing is all about reflecting change in peoples lives through Partnerships. To Mentor and Inspire others to become something they are not today…and most likely could never Accomplish on their own. It is about getting people to a place in their lives that impacts Change, opens up new Doors, creates new Friendships and allows them to have the cash flow from a home business that fuels all they Desire in life.

So…sitting here in my office on a Monday morning in early December where else do we find this kind of opportunity in our life? It sure does not get discovered sitting in a boardroom this morning on a conference call talking about final year-end budgets, forecasts, and who gets that measly old 1.5% cost of living salary increase in the New Year.

Yes, I am inspired and more committed than ever!

All my best,