Digestion: A Story by a 10 year old

My 10-year old son Nicholas came home from school yesterday and shared with me the story he wrote in class. I was so impressed by his creativity I thought I’d share it. He also thinks it cool that I am going to post it on the internet for others to read.

In Science class the kids are learning the basics of nutrition and the body systems, including the digestive system. This is great learning for kids (start them young!).

How many adults are either unaware of how the digestive system works and/or go through their life without ever thinking about, until it begins to break down.

The class assignment was for them to write a short story about Digestion. What he decided to write about was digestion from the foods perspective.

This is his draft copy so the spelling has not been corrected yet. I wanted to leave it exactly the way he wrote it. Its cute. Check it out….

Enjoy! 😉

Note: this is written from the foods perspective…spelling is exactly the same way he wrote it as a 10 year old.


by Nicholas Collins, Grade 4

It was a hot and sunny day when I heard something comeing strait at me like a speeding builet. I got picked up so high that I was scared so I closed my eyes. Then crunch! I found my self in a mouth covered is spit.

Next thing you know I’m travaling down the esophagus with the spit. I’m asking my self were I’m going so I yelled as loud as I could HELP!! But no on was to be found.

Ploop now I’m in something whet. What could it be? Then I started to mellt in to a million pieces. Then I that about what it could be and then doom I new it stoumic asid.

After 4h I’m in the small intestine. As I am sliding I being mixed with juices of the food. Then nutrients are then absorbed thought the walls of the intestine. Now I will take 12h to go in the large intestine.

Next water is removed from the food wastes are stored until they are eliminated by the body. Leftovers are then in the large intestine and go out your but.




  1. Ken Biddington

    Nice Blog Doug, keep up the good work. Tell you son that he should be a writer!

  2. Doug Collins (Post author)

    Hi Ken,
    Thanks for the post. I hope all is well.

  3. darlene long

    I love it! This isn't imagination…this is awareness!

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