Do you know what you REALLY want?

In life we spend our time focused on the things we see of value that improve our lifestyle and qualify of life; this includes our family, home, and health.

We want something, we get it, and then we want something else. We are never satisfied. The number one reason people are never satisfied with any of this is because they don’t get what they really want.

This come down to a basic lack of knowledge and insight in to what we really want and desire. As the saying goes, you can’t change something unless you know it exists, and the first step to change is your awareness.

Are you aware of what you want?

Everyone has a desire for more time freedom, being able to manage the financial commitments, retirement, and even to improve our health. But one of the biggest desires people have, but may not realize it, is that basic desire and need for money. Here are the top 5 things that people want.

  1. Money – there is not enough of it
  2. Family – need more time to be with them
  3. Job – fear of losing or have lost jobs, or too much work load
  4. Retirement – the majority of people are not financial ready for it
  5. Health – the last on the list unless health gets in a crisis situation

Everything revolves around money

We may see the lack of money as the secondary need, while we put our focus on more primary desires. Think about this for a minute, you cannot spend more time with your family because you are busy working to make an income to pay the bills, and you fear losing your job because how would you then be able to pay those bills.

Maybe you are in your retirement years but you still need to be working as you have no other choice. If you are young and look forward in to you life will you be financially prepared for retirement?

All our desires have a need to be supported by MONEY!

Money may not buy everything, but it sure can pay for things. The average house-hold consumer debt today is $80,000. That is a REAL need for money, and that debt load certainly impacts your other needs.

Money is a lubricant, it enables you to slide through life instead of having to scrape by. Money brings freedom to do what you want. Money allows you to do the finer things in life, to take care of all your other needs and desires; and most of all money allows you to not have to worry about having money.

Money is really a big part of your life, and when you can learn how to receive it and keep in under control, all areas of your life will soar, including your health.

What it takes to get what you really want

Now that you are beginning to understand what you really want, you can recognize how your old ways of thinking and acting have gotten you exactly were you are today.

Sometimes the road to getting what you want is not an easy walk. It is a journey that is full of twists, turns, detours, and obstacles. The road is full of disappointments and set-backs, but it’s not to late.

It’s not what we don’t know that prevents us from succeeding, its what we do know that we don’t act on that is our greatest obstacle. You can have all the knowledge and skills in the world, but if your blueprint is not wired for success, you will never achieve what you want.

Understand your blueprint

You need to understand that your blueprint starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts will lead you to feelings, feelings will lead to actions, and you actions to lead to results. Change your thoughts, change your actions, and discover the options that are available to you to create the additional income and freedom you want.

Only you can choose to think and act in ways that will support your success, instead of ways that don’t.

Are you ready to accept that you need Money? I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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  1. Jim Walter

    Reminds me of Zig Ziglars quote. “Money isnt everything but it ranks right up there with oxygen”.

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