Downsized, but not down – Becoming an Entrepreneur

We continue to see more Corporations and Government departments downsizing and laying off workers. As a result some of the biggest causalities in recent years are the top executives, typically in the age 40 to 50, who are making the largest salaries in the company.

How Secure is your Career?

Remember the saying, “the higher you get into the Corporation the closer you get to the door”….its more truer today than ever. We are all experiencing or know someone who has experienced a layoff, downsizing, job terminations, union strikes, tough economy and more. The economy has everyone at all levels of their careers.

My Personal Story in the Media

Recently I was invited to come into the studio at CBC Radio to share my experience in Corporate Canada and what I am doing today as I transitioned to a full-time home based entrepreneur.

[audio:|titles=Downsized, but not down]

Are you ready to disrupt your current patterns?

What a gift it has been to have gone from downsized corporate guy to now an entrepreneur changing peoples lives. It’s been an exciting and adventurous journey over the last two years.

The question is…

Do you keep your options open to creating new rules and discovering ways to make additional income outside of what you are currently doing? Are you looking to reduce the stress in your life?

If you answer YES, then its time we have a conversation.

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