Entrepreneurial Perseverance for Success

Do you ever have those days when you’re feeling like you are the only person in the world who sees it the way you do? That no one seems to care or even have an interest?

You are not alone…

It seems every where you look you find an opportunity to start a business from home.

“Work from home”, “low start-up”, “ground-floor”, “this is going to revolutionize the industry”, “pre-enrollment”…blah, blah, blah…everyone is now using these buzz words and they DON’T WORK anymore!

We all have our own businesses…some are good…and some not so good. I have my own and know of a few other good company’s. The fact is that there is room in this global economy for everyone; as long as we are legitimately adding value in peoples lives.

Hello world…can you hear me?

Do you ever have that desire to climb on top of a mountain and scream out in to the world in the hopes of waking people up to what your product and opportunity really presents to them?

The REAL challenge

While you may be excited to start your business there is an inherent challenge you need to be aware of…

Since you are an entrepreneur you are excited, you feel you have all the answers, and from the outset of starting your business venture you think the world will line-up at your door to join you. But for 99.99% of business ventures it just does not happen that way.

Get ready, you might feel like you’re alone, but not for long

This feeling of being alone as an entrepreneur reminds me of the video we’ve all seen of the guy dancing on the hill. While this is a great lesson in leadership the most significant message I see is perseverance…the ability to keep going despite the crowd looking onward AND ignoring you.

A lesson for the entrepreneur

One of the key fundamental lessons an entrepreneur can take from this video is that in order to reach any significant level of success in your business YOU need perseverance. There are also many other important skills you need learn and develop for success but if you don’t have perseverance than nothing else really matters.

Don’t give up – no matter what!

When you get tired…distracted…stressed…and to a point that you just can not push forward always remember…the band WILL continue to play another song, and you need keep dancing…don’t let the crowd ever see you stop.

If your business is truly the right opportunity, then the crowd will follow…it may not be on your timeline, but they will follow. Stay focused. It won’t be long before you have a partner join you, and then another, and then another…then partners will be coming by the masses.

Are you ready to go the distance?

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  1. Darleneisunicitynow

    You Go Doug……Leaders are Eagles and You Won't find them in a Flock……One at a time….

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