Feeling Overworked and no sense of Job Security?

The economy has left its mark on just about everyone.

In times like this we tend to focus more on those who have lost their jobs and forget to think about those who are fortunate enough to keep their jobs. After all, they are the lucky ones right? WRONG!

The employed are feeling the pressure

According to a survey of 1,176 employers around the world (314 in the United States), employers admit they are feeling negative push back from employees who were spared pink slips, but remain staggered and disengaged due to increased workloads and other job-related stress caused by downsizing. Source: Towers Watson Global Talent Management and Rewards Survey

Survey Results

The survey results identified that 61% of employers believe their cost-cutting actions increased employees’ workloads, while 53% said the measures adversely impacted the ability of employees to manage work-related stress, and 50% also said the measures had a negative impact on employee engagement and an employee’s ability to balance work and personal lives.

Employers are now faced with the challenge to figure out ways to restore some balance or face increased costs due to burnout.

Employees…the more $’s you make the more you work

The survey found that the higher the salary, the more the hours. For example, the average work week in the United States for those making between $50,000 and $100,000 is 50 hours a week. But for those making more than $100,000, it is 60 hours.

What do people really want?

The survey shows that we all want to make more money! But, people are starting to realize that more money in their job really does not pay off. Right now, unlike anytime in history have we seen so many people be open and looking for a home based business opportunity.

Even this survey confirms one thing for sure…WHY so many employees, business executives and other professionals are looking for that Plan B opportunity. Not only is everyone working harder, they are trading their hours for dollars, and they have NO job security.

What are your options?

It does not matter if you are employed or unemployed now is the time to consider your alternatives. The question is, do you keep your options open to making additional income outside of what you are currently doing in your job or career? If you answer YES, then its time for a WAKE UP CALL!

Listen to this 7 Minute Recording by Richard Brooke
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