Generation X – Are we really a generation of misfits?

I was born in 1969 so this makes me Generation X!

As the youngest of four children, when I first started school at 5 years old my mom went back into the workforce. My early years began during an era with two-income families as women were joining the workforce in large numbers. During this period the four of us children became “latch-key” children. As a result of this experience, looking back, I think it made me more independent, resourceful and self-sufficient at a young age. These traits all gave me a the foundation of who I have become today.

I recall the days back when I had part-time jobs in school and then in my 24-year in the corporate world I never really enjoying a structured work week. I know now that I really placed great value on my freedom and had this dream of what life would like if I were self-employed. I beleive even while working for someone else I always had an above average work ethic and was eager for more responsibility. My management style was not to micro-manage people and those who know me from these years know I always had a hands-off management philosophy. For me personally, and likely many of us GenX’ers, we pushed away from authority and disliked structure in our lives.

Today I find myself in a very unique and interesting situation as I am working harder than I ever have but now as a full-time entrepreneur. The difference is that it does not feel like “work” as I enjoy doing what I do. I get to work from home, focused on and creating what I see for the future and choosing to work with those who want to create similar future opportunities as I do in the world.

Over the recent months as I was preparing to launch the web-site I continued to read how our generation has been stereotyped. They call us…

Easily distracted
Immediate gratification minded

I beleive these stereotypes, while not all necessarily true for all GenX’ers, could be showing character traits that the world is not seeing in us. I beleive, unlike other generations before and after us, we GenX’ers have a quality within us that makes us ideal candidates for entrepreneurship.

I believe that as Generation X comes of age and we begin to rise into our positions of global influence the world will begin to see what we are really made of. We will show them…we think different!