National Post: There is Gold in Matcha

There’s Gold in Matcha Green Tea

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To fully understand what is happening with the Matcha trend we go back to September 2004 when the National Post featured a story titled “There’s Gold in Green Tea’.

The article was referring to the emerging trend of Matcha green tea in the Vancouver area and how it is becoming the coffee of the West Coast.

Timing is Now

We are now seeing Matcha gain massive public interest across the rest of Canada and the USA. There’s no doubt that Matcha now becoming a household name across North America as experts predicted years ago.

The Opportunity for the Entrepreneure

If you have ever considered starting a home based business then now is the perfect time to take a serious look at the Matcha Opportunity.

There has never been a better time to be part of such an exciting high growth entrepreneurial opportunity. To fully understand what is happening we look at Google’s trend graphs to see the activity online for Matcha.

If you want to benefit from that huge wave, you must enter the field now and run with us! Spread the word massively!

Bios Life Matcha Opportunity

The Bios Life Matcha opportunity is currently is the only global product on the market who has both ready available conveniently packaged great tasting Matcha green tea in a turn-key home business business opportunity. You can get exclusive access to the very best Matcha, training and coaching resources, and the right distribution channel!

I invite you to watch below as I explain most common questions people ask me about the Matcha Opportunity. Check it out! Lets talk!