Headache Relief with Matcha


Does Matcha Really Help?

So many people are experiencing the power of Matcha in relief for headaches, migraines as well as anxiety disorders including ADHD.

The L-theanine in Matcha relaxes the brain, muscles and blood vessels. L-theanine will help lower blood pressure, enhances mood and promotes a sense of wellness by improving alpha waves in the brain. This is a feel good chemical for the brain that is associated with a happiness, relaxation, and alertness, increasing dopamine, and possibly serotonin production.

What are the Benefits?

The combination of L-theanine and the caffeine in the matcha tea leaf gives Matcha the unique ability to result in a calming alertness. The caffeine gives a sense of alertness while the L-theanine results in relaxation and a sense of well-being.

A Real Experience

So if you or a loved one suffer from headaches, migraines or an anxiety disorder try adding Unicity Matcha to your daily routine and see the results for Yourself.

Give Unicity Matcha a Try!

Do not compromise on quality when it comes to the many benefits of Matcha…be sure to get the pure Chi-Oka Japanese Ceremonial grade Matcha powder. Unicity Matcha is just that…with the addition of a blend of fruit (blueberries/pomegranate and green apple) to enhance the great tastes and enjoyment. Give it a try today!