How does Cooked & Packaged Foods affect our health?

Do you ever wonder why our population continues to get fatter, despite all the low fat, diet foods and diet programs on the market? Well, the answer is simple.

The biggest factor that affects our health is a dietary intake that includes packaged and prepared foods! This also includes the so called “diet foods”. We are simply eating enzyme deficient foods.

The mere act of cooking food depletes the naturally occurring enzymes needed to digest that particular food. As this food enters our intestinal tract, the bacteria attach and begin multiplying.

As pathogenic bacteria multiple with this undigested food source, they begin to create toxins. As this undigested food source begins its slow transit through approximately 35 feet of intestines, these toxins are absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream where they are deposited in various parts of your body.

Did you know that Intestinal toxemia can be linked to virtually every degenerative disease condition!

Other factors that directly affect our health include eating things that are not in it’s natural state or are high in undesirable substances like sugar and salt, drinking chlorinated water, taking antibiotics, drinking alcohol and consuming foods that are treated with preservatives.

There are many ways to improve our health starting from having better dietary habits. It is not always realistic to expect people to be able to live a 100% pure and clean dietary lifestyle, this is why we need to look for supplements to keep the balance.

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