I LOVE P90X & Insanity! But I’m not a Beachbody Coach! Why?

I get approached by Beachbody Coaches quite often. They always say that I would make a great Coach. So I thought I’d take the time to explain why I am not a Beachbody Coach.

I have nothing against Beachbody as a company or the Coaches (distributors). I am not a customer of Beachbody and I do not even have an account with them. I’m a fan and active user of a few of the workout programs!

If you are an Beachbody Coach this blog post may not sit well with you. If you are a struggling Beachbody Coach or someone who is considering becoming a Coach you may find this helpful in your evaluation process. Either way, it’s my response to the many Coaches who invite me to become a coach.

My Experience with Beachbody Workouts!

First off, I’d like you to know that I have been consistently been doing a few of the Beachbody fitness programs from home for almost 3 years now. I’m actually a (before/after) testimony they do not even now I exist.

I have the DVD sets for P90X, P90X3, Insanity and Insanity Max 30. I purchased them all second hand for an average price of $25 Canadian on Kijiji (similar to Craig’s list). I have completed all of the programs more than once, and have used them in combination making up own Hybrid calendars.

I have even completed every Calendar I started! Which is sort of unheard of from what I understand from the Beachbody stats, as the highest majority of people who start a program never finish it. I guess that is why the Buy & Sell sites online are so flooded with these DVD sets at cheap pricing.

P90X and Insanity are THE BEST!

I originally started my fitness journey in the gym but I got bored of that. I had always seen the P90X and Insanity infomercials and thought that would be fun to try someday. That someday came when I purchased the P90X3 DVD set on Kijiji thinking that it’s only 30 minutes per day “I can do that”.

I immediately fell in love with the program. I enjoyed the variety, the total fitness, the resistance and cardio. Every morning I put in that DVD it was like a brand new workout. All the workouts were fun! Within the first month of the X3 calendar I discovered that I am a “home fitness guy”. So I cancelled my gym membership!

I have been able to release 100 lbs of weight and 25% body fat through my fitness regime combined with a healthy clean eating lifestyle and supplement regime. Today at age 49 I’m in the best health and shape in my entire life. I know now that aging really is for idiots (as Tony Horton is famous for saying!).

My Thoughts on Beachbody Coaching as a Business!

I have been added to a few Challenge groups on Facebook hosted by Beachbody Coaches. All I can say is that these Challenge groups are nothing even similar to what I Coach within my GetFit21 program.

The business model for a Beachbody Coach appears to be more centred around selling Challenge Packs which include subscriptions for BOD (Beachbody on Demand), the supplement drink Shakeology as well as participation in the challenge groups which are exercise centred programs, such as 80 Day Obsession which is the most recent program released of writing this blog post.

The idea is to sell “Challenge Packs” worth a few hundred dollars that include all the above as well as the nutrition component such as portion-control containers, a few exercise accessories or an intro guide.

Beachbody on Demand (BOD)

I have heard that since the launch of BOD and less focus on the DVD’s the income for the Coach has declined. I’d say Beachbody corporately realized that it is difficult for a distributor to market “new” DVD sets as a business when the market is flooded with cheap used (or like new) ones. Just like I purchased.

I can see how they went to BOD (similar to a Netflix model) especially considering the overhead costs corporately to produce, stock and ship DVD’s. They had to re-invent themselves to keep up with the changing market both in technology and fitness trends. I’m happy with my $25 DVD sets that I purchased 2-3 years ago.

The Income as a Coach

I have not analyzed in detail the network marketing compensation structure of the Beachbody program. My thought on this is based on just what I have read online and in conversation with other Beachbody Coaches. What I do know is that my GetFit21 Coaching program cost less per Challenger and the income is more for the Coach per Challenger.

Did you catch that? Overall, the Challenger investment into a 21 day GetFit21 group is LESS and the Coach makes MORE per Challenger! That means more income with the same number of Challengers! Everyone wins!

What Makes GetFit21 Different?

While there so many differences between a Beachbody Challenge and a GetFit21 Challenge I will highlight just a few here to give you an idea. For more info on GetFit21 click here.

  1. Daily lessons delivered to your email. These podcast style audio lessons are about 5-10 minutes long. There are 21 lessons for each of the Challenge covering topics from health, fitness and mindset principles.
  2. Challengers get a Food Guide, Nutrition Guide and Recipes Guides that outline different categories of foods and ideas for fitness. The Food Guide is my favourite as it outlines “Foods to Enjoy”, “Foods in Moderation” and “Foods to Avoid”. If you would like a free copy of this see the upper right hand coner of this web-site and complete the form requesting your copy.
  3. GetFit21 is not exercise specific, we do have various Exercise Guides focused on body weight exercises. You can bring your Beachbody workout with you as I do. In GetFit21 we encourage 30 min of fitness per day understanding that everyone comes from a different place and level of fitness ability.
  4. Community and Accountability. Here inside GetFit21 we have created a social media coaching program inside a secret Facebook group. We Coaches post 2 times a day, about the lesson and the meals, and the exercise. Each Challengers is required to check in with the group each day to let everyone know what they do for their 30 minute exercise session under the workout post. Under the Meal Post, they post each meal they ate during the day following the Food Guide, eating by the 4-4-12 three times daily with 4-6 hours between each meal. After dinner though, challengers must wait 12 hours.
  5. Affordable for everyone! To be a Challanger in a GetFit21 group the price is only $89 USD ($99 Can). With this the Challenger gets a meal replacement shake. It’s really the best deal on the market and the most comprehensive program available.
  6. Certified Coaches! To be a Coach one must go through the GetFit21 Certification training process. We just cannot pay an enrolment fee and say we are “a coach”. Additionally, there is a very in-depth and comprehensive apprenticeship training and support process for Coaches who embrace this as a business, regardless if it is part-time or full-time. If you would like to learn more about this aspect please reach out to me I would be happy to share more details.
  7. Coach Investment! The cost to become a Certified Coach is ridiculously low especially considering the Certification training and mentorship, and coaches resource material. In fact, there is even an option to get the Certification for FREE! Ongoing there is no requirement for inventory as GetFit21 is a platform with a front-end Challenger registration web-site linked to the Coaches account. Coaches have no minimum monthly purchase requirements, and retail profits for Coaches are paid weekly.

My Favorite Shake that is Included in GetFit21

As I mention earlier, I was a member of a few different Beachbody groups on Facebook. From the commments and discussions it would appear that there are more BB Challengers who do NOT drinking Shakeology. Why is that? Is it the high price tag ranging from $120 to $150 per bag?

The enrolment fee with GetFit21 includes a canister of Unicity Complete. The price to purchase canister of Complete separately (for a months supply) is half that of Shakeology. To learn more about Complete click here.

I’m on a Mission

I’m on a mission to impact one million lives from high risk conditions associated with Metabolic Syndrome. To achieve this mission, I need to further scale and expand! I’m looking to partner with Coaches who can see the big picture! Lets set up a time to connect and explore how we can work together to enhance your client results and your bottom line.

I hope you found this overview helpful. If you are interested in becoming a Health Coach or looking to simply improve your health I would love to hear from you!


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