I often get asked…Why do you call your program “Metabolic Health & Mindset”?

We all know that diets don’t work for sustainable weight loss and healthy living. Restriction and deprivation diets ultimately leads to binge eating and emotional eating. We must work on shifting our mindset step-by-step to break old patterns and habits.

Unlike most Coaching programs, I focus on mindset principles in my program as much as the need for healthy eating and physical activity. We call it “habit stacking” and it’s effective!
Here is how I explain it…

Here is how I explain it…

We all have hidden intentions that exist in our subconscious mind that conflict with our stated good intentions and desires (conscious mind).

But we often struggle to keep our commitments and follow through on our intentions with consistency – such as eating better more consistently, kicking some unhealthy habits, losing and keeping off the weight, etc….but the same apply to all areas of our life just the same.

Knowing this, as it pertains to our health goals. we have incorporated within our 21-day program many aspects that help with this subconscious re-programming process.

I always suggest to my clients that the bigger our hidden intentions (obstacles) the longer it may take to consistently make effective long-term lasting lifestyle changes. Lets be honest, these things very rarely ever happens in just a 21-day period.

Patience and consistency is key to getting RESULTS!

For me personally in my journey, I worked with my Health Coach for 24 months who not only focused on functional health, nutrition,fitness but also mindset principles. It was that focus is what took me to overcome all my hidden intentions and achieve the result that I did. I don’t know about you…but I had some baggage to clear! ?

What I tell my clients it to keep going, be consistent, embrace the journey and know that you are more important than those hidden intentions that keep you stuck.

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