If Your Plan B is Not Working…Get a NEW one!

Are you concerned for your work future, or don’t like your job? Maybe you’re out of work – downsized, right-sized, overworked, or underpaid? If so, what’s your Plan B and how is that working for you?

What is it that you really desire in life? More time freedom? More income for you and your family?

Maybe you found something and started your own home business but it’s just not working for you the way you had planned.

Does any of this sound like you?

Did you know that one of the hallmarks of a good ‘Plan B’ is that it should be able to become your ‘Plan A’…WHEN and IF you want (or need) it to.

Did you know that by simply investing 2-hours per day over the next 12-months you would have invested a total of 720 hours in YOU and YOUR future?

I know, you are probably thinking that you just don’t have 2 hours per day. That YOUR life is busy enough already!

Let me explain…..

Everyone has time! You just have to be willing to redirect a small piece of your 24-hour day period toward a well defined focused Plan B. But YOUR time MUST BE invested in the RIGHT Plan B!

According to the Nielsen ratings the average person spends approximately 6+ hours daily watching TV and surfing the internet.

What if you could take 30% of your leisure time RIGHT NOW and invest it in to YOUR Plan B? Do this for the next 12 months; what do you think your Plan B would look like?

It’s Time to Change Your Course….

Are you prepared to give up some leisure time such as that favorite reality TV show, reducing your time creeping people on Facebook, or just playing around on the internet?

If you reduce or eliminate any these things will it really matter much to you in 3 years from now? But by then, you could have changed your personal situation, your health, your financial status, and you would already have your YOUR Plan B fully working for YOU.

Would you like to learn how to leverage your time?

Let me teach you how to develop a well defined, effective and realistic Plan B based on your own personal situation. Something that will position YOU for future prosperity and success in all areas of life.

Does this sound interesting? If you’re ready for a REAL change then lets talk.

This is YOUR chance to make a move and change the direction of YOUR future. Now is the time to TAKE ACTION.

Contact me today!

Doug Collins
Riverview, New Brunswick Canada