Be Smart – Know Your Matcha Source

Green Tea Field and Mount Fuji

In the Chubu region of Japan at the beginning of April, the first new shoots of the season appear at the tips of the Camellia sinensis tea plant. Once this happens, the tea plantations are completely shaded for about the next 20 days.

This serves to shut out the direct sunlight and to reduce the rate of photosynthesis, resulting in high levels of theanine, the amino acid, and a higher level of alkalinity responsible for the full-bodied flavor of the pure organic ceremonial Chi-Oka Matcha powder.

The Harvesting

During the early month of May an overwhelming harvesting and refining process takes place. The product is pure Chi-Oka Ceremonial Matcha great tea leaf.



The harvest lasts only a few days. Trained workers carefully remove each of the tea leaves by hand and the harvested leaf is quickly transported to the factory where the leaves are steamed to lock in the nutrients.

The Drying

The leaves are then placed in ovens and dried at 356 degrees until they weigh only one-fifth their original weight. The steaming process lasts for about 20 seconds and is performed within 20 hours after the leaves are picked. The purpose of the steaming is to prevent the leaves from being oxidized. The result of this unique steaming process most of the leaves natural green color, fragrance and nutritional components are retained.

Cooling & Drying

While Sencha loose-leaf tea leaf are rolled into tight twists after being steamed, the leaves used to make Chi-Oka Matcha are not rolled nor twisted. Instead, they are passed through the various stages of a large multi-chambered air machine where they are gently blown around and cooled using a mild flow of air. They are then scattered evenly over a flat surface and allowed to dry further. Before completely drying, they pass through a special drum-like machine where the veins and stem are separated from the main part of the leaf. The part that remains, after drying, is referred to as tencha. This tencha is the raw material for the Chi-Oka matcha powder used in Unicity Matcha.


Grinding the Tencha on Stone Mills

The final step in the processing of Chi-Oka Matcha is the grinding of the tencha leaves into a fine powder. Surprisingly, leaves from one tea plant can taste slightly different than the leaves from the plant next to it or several rows over. Maybe you and I would not notice it, but Unicity Matcha manufacturer does.

In order to maintain a consistent taste and premium quality, the tencha is carefully blended and then moves through a delicate process that removes the stems and twigs leaving only the purest portions of the leaf. What is left is a superior consistency in the ultra fine Chi-Oka Matcha powder

Only granite stone is used to grind tencha. Each mill consists of two granite stones hand-crafted to fit together. The tencha is carefully ground into an ultra-fine powder; so carefully it takes about an hour to produce just one ounce of matcha.

Chi-Oka Matcha in Unicity Matcha

The Chi-Oka Matcha in Unicity Matcha is held to the most stringent manufacturing standards and is closely monitored for quality assurance at every step of the tea harvesting, processing, and packaging. Our supplier has been cultivating the same tea plantations for the past 850 years which is amazing, because Matcha tea was introduced in Japan just a hundred years earlier than that.

The Matcha in Unicity Matcha is grown in a protected, covered, and fully enclosed location. The Chi-Oka Matcha facility is awarded the Superior AIB certification. This certification is only awarded to manufacturers who have met the highest standards in food processing, food safety, and production technologies.

The Marketplace Trends

Unicity was the first to source this rarest and most premium of all tea varieties back in 2008 making it available in convenient lifestyle packets, and blended with fruits for an amazing great taste. Since that time, companies have come out with products in order to capitalize on the growing demand for Matcha in the marketplace. Unfortunately we continue to see them offering cheaper Matcha, but not the higher grade pure organic certified ceremonial Chi-Oka Matcha powder.

It is very important to be an educated consumer and ensure you are getting the best quality Matcha from a source that is harvesting and producing the pure organic Ceremonial Chi-Oka Matcha powder. If not, you could be wasting your money on tea leaves that do not offer the nutritional value you are expecting.

Give Unicity Matcha a Try!


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