BELANE Lifestyle Magazine Features Unicity Matcha

The magazine for luxury, lifestyle, fashion and business

The Summer 2013 issue of one of the world’s most exclusive Lifestyle Magazines, BELANE, has featured our Bios Life Matcha in a 4 page layout story.

Reference & Credibility

This is a stellar reference as well as introduces this incredible Matcha product to the world. The quality of the Magazine is superior, its oversize and matte layout reflects pure elegance.

Lifestyle & Celebrities

This magazine reaches many of the top celebrities around the world, and many are now becoming even more aware of our great lifestyle Matcha product.

The Markets Most Exciting Lifestyle Beverage

Matcha‬ is not just a great wellness drink adding so many benefits to your health…its an outstanding Entrepreneurial opportunity with perfect timing. If you are looking to Change your Life…don’t miss this!

What’s most exciting about Matcha is that immediate boost of energy you feel on the very first serving. Nothing compares to the immediate results like an ice cold Matcha! Such an exciting trend to lead!

See It, Feel It, Love It, and Promote It!

Bringing the Matcha story to the world is exciting and its rewarding. We are building an extraordinary passionate team together who Love That Matcha and we are attracting those who are truly ready.