Living with Determination

Dealing with a Termination…and now Counting My Blessings!

It was just over 4 years ago that I was faced with the final day of my 24 year career. My job here in Moncton, New Brunswick was Terminated.

On November 9, 2010 my “Dear Doug” letter finally arrived on my desk.

Dear Doug,

It is with regret that we must inform you that due the forthcoming change for the Industrial Products Business Group, your position will unfortunately be eliminated. As such, I am writing to provide you with formal written notice that your last day of employment will be December 31, 2010.

For three months leading up to this I was faced with the challenge of negotiating my termination exit package and considering my new career path alternatives.

Staying in the corporate world would have required a move with my kids to Toronto or the U.S. and I did not want to uproot the family from a life that living in the Maritimes offers.

Living with Determination

During my adult life I have gone through tremendous personal challenges and dark periods. Even becoming a single dad raising three young children while managing busy corporate executive demands.

All through it I learned to stay focused and remained committed, juggling all that life threw at me.

A significant career advancement and change in companies in 2005 lead me to the Moncton area from Halifax, to be the Director of Sourcing & Marketing for the Canadian division of a large global company.

We fell in love with the city, the lifestyle and the kids had become ‘at home’ and settled in their new city.

A Big Decision to Make

That fateful day in November left me facing one of the biggest life decisions I would ever make. Should I seek out a new career path or follow my current career? What I really wanted to do was to follow my deepest desire…a dream I had carried inside for many years, to be self-employed working full-time from home.

While I had always enjoyed my career, its rewards and the many challenges of successfully advancing up through the corporate ranks, there was always something missing inside.

Starting a Home Based Business

In late 2009 I was presented with a home business opportunity that allowed me to develop a passive income from home, on a part-time basis and to improve my health. This business started to fulfill my dream, a passion I was missing.

The part-time business was doing well at the time and showed significant opportunity for growth.

At the time I was faced with my career ending, with much contemplation, I decided to take the plunge and make this home business my new full-time focus. It was a big move and not many believed I was going to follow through or could be successful outside of an industry that was common for recycling people.

Looking Ahead to the Future

This has been the most exciting and rewarding journey of my Life. Now at age 46 I am feeling the best of I have felt in well over 20 years. I continue to follow my dream with passion and determination enjoying all the benefits of being self-employed working from home.

I am so grateful for having discovered Unicity International, as it has been the road to securing a financial future for my family, as well as maintaining my health and lifestyle. I now start my day with Unicity Matcha every day, its get me up in the morning and I have more energy now than I had when I was in my twenties.

I am now into my 5th year being self-employed working from home. I reflect back on all that has been accomplished the past four years. The next twelve months is going to be the most incredible time as we enter the next big trend that is known as the home business revolution as a network marketing professional.

I am here to share the message of Health, Freedom, Hope with a solution of not only offering better health but a road map to financial independence, security and peace of mind that offers a better life that really is possible for anyone who is prepared to be coached and mentored into action.