Matcha Business Perfect Timing to be a Promoter

From Japan to the exclusive Hollywood celebrities we are now making big waves with Bios Life Matcha in the consumer beverage category throughout Canada, USA and around the world.

The Perfect Channel to Market

When it comes to Timing…there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to create a Passive income with Matcha. Getting paid for promoting Bios Life Matcha product is natural, its fun and its exciting.

This is the perfect product for the network marketing distribution channel. Find out exactly why here in this 14 minute presentation.

This is an Incredible Opportunity!

As you can see the incentives and benefits are so numerous to becoming a promoter with Matcha. Are you with the right company? Do you have a product that changes or even saves people’s lives? Do you have a Compensation Plan that drives success? Are you surrounded with the right people who can guide you?

Too many great people cannot use their potential because some of that is missing. Maybe its time you really consider what your focus is and what vehicle you would like to use to achieve your Dreams!

Unicity is consistently ahead of Trends

Unicity is frequently ahead of mega trends. You do not have to swap companies to stay on top and be leading edge! Every second to third year, we find ourselves position ahead of mega trends here at Unicity.

You, as a Franchise Partner, can take advantage of it with a stronger and more mature organization every time. Through every trend, your business will grow stronger, so next time you will participate again, but with a much bigger organization and therefore benefit multiple times more.

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