Matcha Eases the Pain

A Real Experience

I recently sat down with my Melanie Wade from Moncton, New Brunswick. Melanie agreed to share her experience with Unicity Matcha. Check it out.

Health-promoting benefits of Matcha

To know what is happening here with this experience it is important to understand a little more about the benefits of Matcha green tea. Matcha is turbo charged green tea, containing much higher concentrations of nutritional value.

Matcha green tea powder is actually the entire green tea leaves ground to a super-fine consistency, resulting in extremely high concentrations of the health promoting constituents of green tea.

Easing the Pain – Evidence

Arthritis Today magazine named Matcha as one of the Top 3 Foods that may help to Ease Pain. Here is what the article stated.

“The antioxidants in Matcha, powdered green tea leaves, may reduce inflammation and slow cartilage breakdown”. Now that is a powerful statement from this magazine publication.

Support Your Immunity

Prevention Magazine published in article in November 2012 titled, “10 Delicious Drinks That Support Your Immunity”, and naming Matcha as one of those top drinks. Here’s what they said about Matcha.

Matcha is a powdered form of green tea, and has the same immune pumping ingredients but in 10 times the concentration. The antioxidants and medicinal compounds in Matcha can help you fight off viruses and bacteria, and even abnormal cells. They also help reduce inflammation, support cardiovascular health, improve energy and focus, and balance hormones.

Matcha green tea is the most potent form of green tea in the world today due to the fact that it is made from entire tea leaves ground to a super-fine, and it is an easily assimilated powder.


Clinical research on green tea has been going on for decades, and these studies are now beginning to show some remarkable potential health benefits.

Matcha specifically is the subject of much clinical research in Japan, and since the introduction of Matcha to the western medical community research surrounding this unique variety of green tea is beginning to attract a lot of attention. One of the most recent published studies on Matcha came out of the University of Colorado.

A study at the University of Colorado and published in the Journal of Chromatography (Sept 5, 2003) showed that Matcha green tea has approximately 137 times more EGCG (the potent cancer fighting green tea anti-oxidant) than regular brewed green tea.

In another British study, EGCG was found to be such a powerful anti-carcinogen that an entire new family of cancer-fighting drugs is being developed based on the EGCG molecule.

Researchers at the University of Kansas found antioxidant levels of matcha green tea 100 times more effective than vitamin C and 25 times better than vitamin E. The results of these ongoing studies are a solid testament to the potent health-giving properties of Matcha.

Give Unicity Matcha a Try!

Do not compromise on quality when it comes to the many benefits of Matcha…be sure to get the pure Chi-Oka Japanese Ceremonial grade Matcha powder. Unicity Matcha is just that…with the addition of a blend of fruit (blueberries/pomegranate and green apple) to enhance the great tastes and enjoyment. Give it a try today!