Matcha is the Next Superfood Mega Trend

Matcha Green Tea is no longer becoming a secret.

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Matcha has Arrived!

The Matcha trend has arrived in North America and is quickly gaining the interest with media, health and fitness industry as well as the general consumer looking for an energy source that is healthy. As everyone is becoming more fascinated with Matcha’s health benefits, its secret history and the immediate impact it has when its consumed.

Matcha is a Trend! Not a Fashions and Fad.

A trend, a fashion and a fad can be distinguished by their prevalence through time. They have extremely different behaviors right from the start. Fashions and fads have increased high levels of adoption, followed by its immediate decline. Unlike fashions and fads, trends have a slower period of acceptance, last longer and have greater impact in generations and our social behavior.

Lets Look at the Matcha Trend over Time

As you will see from the below graph the interest over time here in Canada & USA continues to increase month-over-month. Take note of the continuous growth in online activity during 2012.

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