The Matcha Green Tea Wave Has Arrived

Soon Everyone in North America will be aware of Matcha Green Tea…and most will be drinking it

The popularity here in North America continues to grow as the market learns of and demands “the Campaign of green tea”…known as Chi-Oka Matcha.

Matcha is quickly becoming the latest market trend but there is a real story behind it.

Lets go over to Kyoto, Japan

If you visited Kyoto, the cultural heart of Japan you would see that its everywhere you turn. The green powdery stuff has also found its way into all confections and beverages there…you can even buy a Kit-Kat with it, Starbucks has it on the menu and even Häagen-Dasz offers it as an ice cream flavor.

The people of Japan just can’t get enough of it. But its never been available here in North America…its coming! FAST! See a Trend?

The Vancouver Sun called it “Matcha Mania, Vancouverites are sipping matcha tea, once treated like gold in Japan, for a reputedly healthier buzz“.

History of Matcha

Here is a Matcha KitKat bar found in Japan…low quality food grade Matcha.

It has been around Japan as a part of their tradition for almost 1,000 years. The Japanese culture is no stranger to Matcha. Its popularity has now left Japan and is just arriving in North America in a big way.

While the Matcha craze is still relatively new its important to realize there are low quality and high quality Matcha on the market, and even in Japan….but the Japanese are able to easily spot low quality (imitation) Matcha.

Is There A Difference in Matcha Quality?

As the market curiosity and demand grows for Matcha here in North America we will likely see ‘knock-off’ imitations enter our market strictly with a focus to tap into the growing demand. It is important for the consumer to become educated on the difference between low quality (imitation) and high quality Matcha.

Accept only Chi-Oka Matcha

Low quality Matcha is best used as a food ingredient for such things as Matcha Lattes found in coffee shops, baked goods and other packaged food items that will begin to appear in store shelves in the coming years throughout North America (its coming…no doubt about it).

High quality ceremonial Chi-Oka Matcha green tea or also known as “drinking grade” Matcha is not to be cooked as it is the higher source of nutritional value, and cooking destroys the nutrients.

Eight Distinctions with Chi-Oka Matcha

Chi-Oka Matcha that has been used in Japan as part of the traditional tea ceremonial and is best enjoyed when drinking with just water. Lets take a look at eight specific and unique differences between high quality Chi-Oka Matcha and lower food grade.

  1. Taste

    Chi-Oka Matcha has a naturally sweet taste with a smooth finish and little to no bitterness. Lower grade Matcha has a bitter taste that is more associated with what we know as green tea on the market today.

  2. Vibrant Green Color

    Here is a color comparison of Chi-Oka Matcha vs Low Grade Matcha

    High quality Chi-Oka Matcha has a vibrant green color were lower grades of Matcha have more of a yellowish/brownish color. Chi-Oka Matcha gets its vibrant green color from the chlorophyll that comes from the shade growing process. If you have not watched the video yet…check out it on YouTube.

  3. Sweet Smell

    High quality Chi-Oka Matcha is going to have a nice sweet smell that is pungent. The sweet smell from the Matcha actually comes from the amino acids in the tea. Matcha has high amounts of L-Theanine that comes from a result of being shade grown. Open air grown tea loses a lot of their amino acids as they are lost and converted into catechins.

  4. The great taste

    The amino acids in a high quality Matcha also gives it the natural sweet taste. Ingredient grade Matcha and other open air green tea have a bitter astringent taste due to the lack of amino acids.

  5. Texture of Matcha

    High quality Matcha is very fine and silky as compared to lower quality Matcha will have a more coarse feel when rubbed in between your figures. A simple test to do when comparing is to put a little of each onto a white piece of paper and with your figure smear the Matcha across the page. The high quality Matcha will leave a nice long clean line with little-to-no breaks and the lower quality will only have a shorter line and you will see breaks in the lines.

  6. Market Price

    Anyone who is familiar with the real differences between two the Matchas know that high quality Matcha is an expensive tea due to its detailed and labor intensive process in the cultivating, harvesting and manufacturing process that goes into producing Matcha. Watched the video on YouTube.

  7. Lifestyle Packaging

    The real benefit of using the Bios Life Chi-Oka Matcha is in its single-serving lifestyle packet, as well as its over-all taste and nutritional profile. These packet can be just mixed in water to drink on the go….perfect for any busy lifestyle.

  8. Leveraged Residual Income

    In addition to considering the many benefits already listed that Chi-Oka Matcha offers, the single largest benefit is that of the perfect entrepreneurial opportunity.

      Huge and Expanding Market
      Perfect timing in the market
      Unique and consumable product
      Backed by a global company with a proven 100 year history
      Create leveraged income.

The phenomena of global distribution called Network Marketing is changing the landscape of how products and services are moved from mfg to consumer. Matcha is exactly the perfect product to be distributed and supported through this distribution channel.

Matcha is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

My sincere advice to you is GET ORGANIZED. You’ve got two choices presented to you right now…You can WIN BIG by deciding to participate in the Matcha Opportunity or watch the next MEGA trend to unfold before your eyes. You decide.