What Makes Matcha the Next Trend

People are quickly discovering the power of Matcha!

Chi-Oka Matcha

Huge Expanding Marketing + Unique Consumable Product + Timing + Ability to Create Leverage =
The Opportunity of a Lifetime

What would you do if you found yourself at the right place, at just the right time with the right desire for something better in your life? And, ready to do something about it!

Ever dream of being first to find out about the next MEGA trend?

In a Blog post over a year ago we shared a prediction that Matcha will become that next Mega Trend.

The article clearly showed trends, our analysis and even comparisons to past trends that prove this will be the next biggest wave of opportunity in the health & wellness profession.

But not even the Trends…we are seeing REAL people changing their lives as a result of tapping into the Matcha story.

Well, its happening!

Here we are one year later…lets take a look at what is happening using Google trends. This graph clearly shows that Canada & the USA are quickly awakening to the power of Matcha.

Matcha interest across North America

This Google Trends graph shows the online “interest over time” from 2004 up until October 2012 in Canada & USA. Notice the real momentum kicks in at the beginning of 2011. The slight decline at the end of the graph is just due to Google calculating the first few days of November 2012. This trend will only continue to grow into the next 3 to 5 years. Get yourself ready and positioned out in front of this mega trend!

Matcha is sexy, its hot and its trendy

People are becoming more aware of Matcha and they want it! Stars like Madonna, Eva Padberg, Liv Tyler and Meg Ryan have all been spotted drinking Matcha, and the celebrity gossip pages have been following this trend closely.

Listen here to understand the Matcha Mega Trend
[audio:http://www.dougcollins.ca/wp-content/uploads/matcha_call.mp3|titles=Matcha Opportunity Call]

Its time to lead the craze!

With the growing trend of home based entrepreneurship in the network marketing profession it is time for Matcha to lead the the next wave. This is going to create massive opportunity.

Unicity International is the first company to have a Matcha on the market that is very palatable, convenient and ready on the go for every lifestyle here in North America. Find out how to you can market Matcha today as a Unicity franchise partner with me.

Matcha is the Next Big Thing!

Here we have a ground floor opportunity with a 20 year old global company…and best of all Matcha is a actually a Fantastic product. You will be convinced and understand why this is so quickly becoming the next Big Thing.

You’re going to love it! Create your own story with us.
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