Matcha the Perfect Timing and Perfect Business!

Unicity International is a company that offers quantum leaps when it comes to new product trends. 2008 was a rocket year due to the successful launch of Bios Life Slim, as the new generation of an 18-year old product called Bios Life. Here we are in 2011, 3 years later, and we are well prepared to jump into the next MEGA wave: Matcha.

The timing is just perfect.

There’s no doubt that Matcha will become a household name all around the world. It started already: In Japan, you already find it in Starbuck’s latte and in Oreo & Kitkat bars. Great health benefits and perfect taste will make it the nutritional buzz of the century.

But right now, almost no one knows about it, especially here in North America.

Make a test and ask your relatives, friends and neighbors. I did that too. Result: No one has heard of Matcha yet. Now, this “yet” is worth millions of dollars!

It’s Exclusive…it will be in demand and it’s RIGHT HERE!

Starting out in 2009 with our Matcha Energy Drink, we were FIRST to market in our industry. And we will do everything to stay ahead of the crowd. It will be a pretty exclusive crowd, as not everyone will get access to this on to market high-grade Matcha.

Unicity is consistently ahead of Trends

Unicity frequently creates mega trends. You do not have to swap companies to stay on top and be leading edge! Every second to third year, we create our own mega trend. You can take advantage of it with a stronger and more mature organization every time again: Through every trend, your business will grow stronger, so next time you will participate again, but with a much bigger organization and therefore benefit multiple times more.

Think ahead – and you will understand how you will become a millionaire in this business, just by constantly doing what you’re doing.

The good thing is, that we do not have to prove anymore to anyone that this is going to be a significant growth phase – the facts are clear:

  • 2005: CEO Stewart Hughes took over as President (CEO: ’06) and started to make a huge impact to the worldwide business.
  • 2008: 1st product mega trend: Bios Life SLIM! World class product launch – a 300% growth was created within a few months only in Europe.
  • 2011: 2nd product mega trend: Bios Life MATCHA! World class product launch – even bigger growth to be expected!

Get ahead of a Trend…see what your Future will look like!

Where will you be in 2014, when most probably the next big “thing” kicks in? How big do you want your business to be by then in order to take even more advantage? Chairman’s Club? Not a miracle! As many of our leaders always say: 3 years (1,000 days) full power and you can be sure that you will catch at least one big wave that will take you into the President’s or the Chairman’s Club.

It is again the perfect timing to introduce top professional people to the business, both from in- and outside our direct selling industry. In 2008, the Bios Life Slim launch created lots of new leaders who earned significant amounts of money.

Why is the new 2011 trend expected to be even more powerful than the one in 2008?

  • We have an even sexier product with huge market potential (Matcha).
  • We are more experienced in marketing and promoting such a trend.
  • We have stronger and aligned leadership that is fully committed as a team.
  • We have brand new incentive programs for 2011 for up to 1 Million US$.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But there’s lots of work involved too. Here are 10 points you need to become good at, if you want to take full advantage of the coming growth wave:

  1. Learn to share a vision and to present the trend – not just a product.
  2. Understand Network Marketing as a business! Learn to talk about it.
  3. Make extra commitments this year. Invest more (time) in your business. Don’t waste any more days. Start now!
  4. Act, as if you just joined a brand new opportunity (it is almost like that, but much safer).
  5. Act authentically and professional. Be specific and precise. Do not deal in generalities.
  6. Stay close to the top leaders in Unicity who take this very serious.
  7. Invest time in your serious partners. Lead by example!
  8. Sponsor professional people. Cooperate with your people based on firm commitments.
  9. Do your homework. Read, listen, study, learn, become better.
  10. Learn to promote!

In 2008 an entire business strategy was launched around the new product Bios Life SLIM. It was not just a product launch, it was a transformation how everyone viewed AND presented our business. We all need to do the same thing here with Matcha. Over the course of the next 4 months, we will constantly be adding tools, materials and strategies that will support you in your activities.

There’s really NO EXCUSE not to be right here right now…Zero!