Matcha at the Shediac Park Market

This Summer of 2013 has turned out to be an amazing Matcha Roadshow launch as we continue to share the amazing Matcha experience.

One market venue we have discovered to be most successful has been the Shediac Park Market in Shediac, New Brunswick.

Shediac is a small town just north of Moncton that is very well known for tourist during the summer months.

The market itself brings a unique high energy experience that has attracted loyal clients, tourists and now excited Matcha consumers from across North America.

The Shediac Market Experience

We have such a fantastic time at the Shediac Park Market….the energy and atmosphere of this market in incredible. It’s a perfect match as more and more people Love That Matcha…especially the refreshing thirst quenching taste in ice cold water on a hot sunny Sunday. People love talking about this matcha drink and sharing their experience.

It’s amazing how one small drink can bring such a enormous opportunity that reaches out to the world from coast-to-coast and border-to-border in a small seasonal coastal fishing community on the shores of he Bay of Fundy here in Atlantic Canada. Obscure in most peoples minds!

The Matcha Experience is changing Lives

Matcha gives you all of the immediate energy but none of the crash, and with so many health benefits. Even kids are loving the fresh crisp taste.

Bios Life Matcha is available in the most convenient packaging, its ease of mixing, the refreshing taste when served cold makes it a perfect promotional product for markets, fairs and festivals.

There is no other product of its kind on the market in the direct sales home based business profession that compares to this product.

Drinking Matcha is an Experience

It does not matter if you just enjoy this product as a consumer or see the tremendous opportunity in becoming a promoter…making Matcha part of your every day life is exciting, its fulfilling and its enjoyable.