The Matcha Story is Sweeping the Continent

Matcha got its start in Japan over 800 years ago and today you can find Matcha in food products throughout Japan including Starbuck’s latte, Oreo & Kitkat bars.

The great health benefits and its high energy impact, and along with the perfect taste of Bios Life Matcha makes it the nutritional buzz of the century.

Right now almost no one yet knows about it here in North America….but this is changing quickly.

As an example, make a test and ask your relatives, friends and neighbors if they have heard of Matcha. The result will be that no one has heard of Matcha yet.

“Tea is the second most common beverage in the world and has been consumed for centuries, so we know it’s very safe”. “It is predicted that green tea, especially the Japanese Matcha, will sweep the continent because of its health benefits”. ~ CBC News Health, reported January 2005

There’s no doubt that Matcha now becoming a household name across North America as experts predicted years ago.

Years of Research

After years of research and development starting out in 2009 Unicity International was the first to market in the network marketing industry with a Matcha Green Tea product, and one that is pure Japanese ceremonial grade chi-oka matcha.

The Entrepreneurial Opportunity

This is an entrepreneurial opportunity that is worth millions of dollars! Right now we are so far ahead of the industry. Being in the Matcha business is an exclusive crowd, as not everyone company will get their hands on it and be able to market this high-grade Matcha.

The question is…

If after watching this video do you keep your options open to breaking new rules to discover ways to secure your future…outside of what you are currently doing in your life now?

If you answer YES, then its time we talk!