Matcha – A Trend that May Be Hard to Swallow?

Did you know that Fresh Cup Magazine published an article back in December 2007 titled Mad About Matcha that stated;

A Trend that May Be Hard to Swallow

We should hope that some company finds a way to make matcha more palatable without sacrificing its essential spirit and chemical beneficence.

We might all hope that the American consumer embraces matcha as it was meant to be: something utterly foreign that we might learn to love.

The article went on to say that most Westerners describe their first taste of matcha as something between a fist full of lawn clippings. This is no slight on Matcha, of course—from the Asian point of view, we Westerners don’t have the most discerning palates.

A New Matcha on the Market

In 2010 a global company named Unicity International was the first to launched such a Matcha product, called Bios Life Matcha. It is derived from Japanese Ceremonial grade Chi-Oka Matcha green tea fortified with blueberries and pomegranate to give it a sweet taste and enhanced antioxidant punch.

Tastes Great..Sweet & Refreshing

Bios Life Matcha taste great mainly due to the blueberry and pomegranates included giving it a nice sweet refreshing taste that can be enjoyed warm or cold. Its the ONLY great tasting, conveniently packaged and powerful Matcha product on the market.

In August 2012 this product was officially launched in Canada…and now history is being written.

Looking for a home based entrepreneurial opportunity? Look no more. Matcha is The Trend.

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