Unicity Matcha is Refreshing, Energizing and Taste Great!

Matcha has quickly gained the interest with both the media and consumers, as everyone is becoming fascinated with its health benefits, its history and the immediate impact it has when consumed.

Unicity Matcha has quickly become the latest in the beverage craze throughout the North American market.

Matcha featured in the media:

Dr. Mehmet Oz has called Matcha, “his secret ingredient for its metabolism-boosting properties, which is prized in Japan for its health-benefits“.

Bios Life Matcha

The Vancouver Sun called it “Matcha Mania“.

The Globe and Mail called it “There’s Gold in Green

B.C. Business Magazine called it “Matcha, the hulk of Teas!“.

With the increasing interest in healthy energy alternatives Matcha now taking the market by storm because of its energy boost and many health benefits.

Get to know your Matcha

You will always know premium Japanese Chi-Oka Matcha from as it is green fine powder consistency. Imitation Matcha is browner and much more bitter tasting.

The imitation Matcha from Japan known as “green tea powder or food grade” that is made from lower grade leaves. These leaves are fine for cooking and are often used as food ingredients for consumer product such as packaged foods, juices, lattes and more.

Market for Matcha

The market supply for Matcha is limited, as the amount of true premium Ceremonial Matcha that is grown and exported from Japan each year is not significant, resulting in a consistently limited premium supply and exclusive market appeal.

The companies who are right now positioned with a source of supply of pure natural premium Matcha, with secured annual product availability, convenient packaging and distribution to the marketplace are truly positioned ahead of the market trend. This is the most exciting, rewarding and high growth entrepreneurial opportunity on the plant today.

Unicity Matcha – a Lifestyle Drink!

The Unicity Matcha formulation is a result of four years of research and ongoing ingredient sourcing to find the most premium Matcha in Japan.

Unicity International now has the most remarkable product available on the market globally that meets the every day lifestyle and health needs. Unicity Matcha is truly a remarkable product!

This convenient of the Unicity Matcha packets make it the beverage of choice for mixing with water for any on the go lifestyle. It taste great, being fortified with blueberry, pomegranates and grape seed extract giving it a nice refreshing taste. This is the first “Matcha” on the market that can be enjoyed cold.

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