Metabolic Health & Mindset Program


    1. Do you need some help staying motivated and accountable with your health and fitness goals?
    2. Do you want to lose weight and heal your metabolism, but you don’t know where to start?
    3. Do you just want to maintain your body and learn how to eat healthier? Longterm, not just a quick fix?
    4. Do you want to learn how to eat balanced and whole, enter a true “fat burning zone” and stop the crazy diet cycle?
    5. Do you want to know the WHY and science behind how our bodies are created to function?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I would love to be your coach and help you reach your goals!


Let me be your coach and help you reach your goals. I can help you get your metabolism healthy, provide you with science backed and medically proven education that will increase your energy, help you lose weight (and keep it off long term) and give you a no guess work nutrition plan that won’t leave you frustrated.


I guide and empower individuals to apply the fundamentals to regaining their health, finding new energy and living the healthiest life possible. It all starts with my 21 day metabolic health coaching program.


My program offers a collection of science-based materials focused on healthy eating, exercise and developing a mindset for success. I plug you into a community with accountability for 21-days. Here’s what you will receive in my program:

    1. 21 days of learning Science backed 4-4-12 Metabolic Nutrition & Mindset principles
    2. Daily newsletters/podcasts that teach you the WHY and HOW behind nutrition
    3. Recipe Guide with over 200 family friendly recipes
    4. Metabolic Nutrition Guide
    5. Food Guide Chart (based on Glycemic Index)
    6. Bodyweight HITT Exercise Guides (beginner, intermediate and advanced), or bring your own fitness regime.
    7. Seated Exercise Guide for those with limited physical abilities
    8. 102 Exercise Idea Guide for living a healthy active lifestyle
    9. Diabetes Guides (pre-diabetes, type 1 and type 2)
    10. Daily mentoring, support and online coaching.


As a Metabolic & Mindset Coach I know the glue to making everything work is consistency. To get that consistency it’s all about the community you will become part of.

I’ve lived this. After leaving my corporate career in late 2010 I found myself not in the best of health. That is when I began to apply these simple science-based metabolic health and mindset principles into my life, and it changed everything. Today, I am passionate about helping you have the same type of transformation to look and feel better.


Here’s just some of my past challengers had to say…

  • “This is the only program I have even been able to stick to, and it’s way easier than I thought.”
  • “I’ve never been able to see results like this!”
  • “This program has made all the difference to give me the strength to stick to a simple plan!”
  • “You have created a positive wave across the world.”
  • “You have help me grow emotionally and mentally, and I will be forever grateful for that!”
  • “These last 10 days have been heart-warming. I loved hearing from everyone here, and Doug, your concepts were really interesting.”
  • “Doug, thank you for this place of learning and bettering our thoughts towards gratitude.”
  • “This was an amazing place to get away from all the negative posts on FB and step inside my inner self and grow”
  • “Doug, thank you for being a bright light in these dark days, for helping us remember to be thankful for not just the big moments of life, but for all the moments of life.”

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