Microbiome is now the forefront of Metabolic Health

The subject of Microbiome continues to become increasingly common

Our stomachs are full of bacteria – good and bad. That mix of bacteria is our microbiome. When properly maintained, a healthy microbiome improves digestion and overall health. The microbiome is often referred to as the second brain. A thriving array of good bacteria in your gut can have profound effects on all aspects of your health.

When you really understand microbiome and what the latest researchers are saying, you’ll appreciate the impact that it has on your health in a very profound way.

A New Microbiome Solution

Our Bios Life products have been the flagship for metabolic health for over 25 years. And we’ve learned a lot in the past quarter century. Bios 7 adds a new dimension to the proven benefits of promoting healthy blood glucose levels, cholesterol and overall heart health: supporting a healthy microbiome. The good bacteria in your gut have a much greater impact on your overall wellbeing that previously known, and we’ve got the latest formulation to
support healthy living.

The Fiber Matrix

Our patented fiber matrix is 3x more effective at absorbing sugar from your diet. Bios 7 also includes our own
ingredient blends to support healthy gene expression and metabolic energy expenditure.

Unicity has given us the single most impactful thing we can do for our health future. They’re definitely leading in the research and offering solutions for our microbiome.

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