“My broken wrist”…a look back

It continues to amaze me how the body can heal itself if given the environment!


As Hippocrates, father of medicine, 431 B.C., once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food“.


Tues, March 6, 2012

– Just 7 days ago I thought I had broke my wrist from a fall while playing ice hockey. After spending many hours in the ER I was told I had in fact broke my wrist. The on-call doctor wrapped it and said they would call me back in first thing in the morning when the upper extremity specialist comes in. I figured this can’t be good…

The next morning the specialist informed me that I had a distal radius fracture and I had crushed the cartilage in my left wrist. He then froze my wrist and broke it back in to place. I was advised it may require pins to be surgically installed to keep it in place if it slips back. I was sent home with a cast on it and asked to come back the following week for xrays and to decide on possible surgery.

Heavy Regime of Supplements

Unicity Supplements

Within 24-hours I began a heavy regime of Unicity supplements to heal the bone and rebuild the cartilage. After taking the supplements for only 48-hours of the accident the pain was subsided and swelling began to go down from the supplements. I began to notice as the following days went on that I was getting some mobility in my fingers.

Continued to Exercise


Since I could no longer play ice hockey I moved my exercise routine in to the gym and have remained active since. The biggest challenge has been learning to function with a broken left wrist while being left handed. Typing is difficult.

March 5, 2012

— today I was back to the hospital for xrays and it appears things are healing. The specialist wants to see me again next Monday for further xray examination and to remove this cast as the swelling is going down quickly. He’s hopeful and I am confident I will not require pins. Stay tuned…

March 22, 2012

– had xrays last week and replacement cast. Wrist is healing and scheduled to have the cast removed on April 3rd and full recovery. The doctor has given me the hopeful “green light” to get back on the ice in April.

April 3, 2012

– the cast was permanently removed today. The arm looks like a skinny stick but overall feels goods. It was a weird feeling getting the cast off after 5-wks of it being there. It’s time to get focused on healing and exercises.

April 11, 2012

– was at Physio today and things are healing nicely. They were actually surprised it’s only been about 6-wks since the break and just 1-wk since the cast came off. Was given wrist exercise to do at home. Still taking the Unicity supplements.

April 16, 2012

– was at Physio today and they are amazed at the healing progress. Wrist is now about 60% strength and about 75% in mobility. I’m scheduled to leave for Florida on Wednesday to play in a hockey tournament. I have been given the green light to play. I’ll wrap it and go easy but I am back!


April 22, 2012

– we’re returning from Florida today. We played four hockey games in Ft Lauderdale over 3 days and we won our divisional Florida Cup Trophy. Wrist feels good. Great times enjoying life!

April 30, 2012

– was at Physio again today. My case is starting to be amusing at the clinic since I have defied all odds through healing, back playing hockey and now bringing the Florida Cup home to Moncton. Love telling my story ;-). My wrist is now at 80% from it’s original pre-break condition in strength and flexibility. I am scheduled to go back in 2-wks and expect this to be my last appt. Still doing my exercises at home and taking a regular maintenance regime of supplements to support healing.

May 6, 2012

– Summer hockey started tonight. Played…wrist feels good but not 100% yet. Looking forward to enjoying summer hockey with the guys.

====Final Update===

June 12, 2012

– it’s now been about 15 weeks since I broke my wrist. This morning I returned from the hospital for physio tests and am pleased to say that my wrist is now back to 100% in flexibility and strength. It’s been an amazing journey from a very severe break to full recovery over the past 4 months.

So much has happened in my life in 4 months as a result of this break…not only has it caused me to slow down enough to refocus on where I am going in life…it’s caused me to be even more focused on improving my overall health. I am now 20lbs lighter and down another pant size since February….but it’s not the outside that we need to focus on it’s the internal health and vitality. It’s measured in our blood chemistry!

I am now more determined and excited about the future than ever…ready to hit the gas pedal to move forward at a higher level of performance than I have had in the past. Life is terrific!

If you would like to receive the list of the exact protocol of supplements I took contact me at (506) 856-9258.