My Story

In late 2010 I found myself in my early 40’s facing the reality of being unemployed due to a corporate downsizing and merger.

I was unhealthy and over weight, divorced, living in another province that this employer moved me to, both my parents and a sister had already passed away, and my kids who I raised as a single father were now becoming young adults. I began to realize that I had missed a lifetime of happiness in the pursuit of a career.

This is when I began to ask myself questions like….

  1. What’s my Purpose?
  2. What do I really want to do?
  3. How do I want to live my life?

…the answer kept coming back that I wanted to be self-employed.

Becoming a Serial Entrepreneur

So I began the self-employment journey in December 2010 at the same time I started improving my health. As the years went by I found myself becoming a serial entrepreneur, having created two start-up businesses as well my an online Metabolic Health & Mindset Coaching business, that is my focus today.

During that period, as I was building these businesses, I found that I was working harder than I did in my corporate career and I was still not feeling fulfilled. By continuing to ask those same original questions it became more clear to me what my purpose really was. So I closed the two start up businesses to put 100% of my focus on my online Metabolic Health & Mindset Coaching business.

Discovering Clarity, Focus and Inspiration

Today, I have accomplished significant success in my personal health and developed a great career working from home that is focused 100% on helping others. I got married to the love of my life in the summer of 2016, and now have a lifestyle and business that allows me to focus on my family values, create new relationships with likeminded big thinkers, travel, and remain on a steep personal development learning curve.

Through this journey I have learned many lessons, made some mistakes, and gathered deep insights to what it takes to start, build and sustain various private businesses. I’ve recently discovered that regardless of not being fulfilled since the beginning of this journey, I still have always been living my dream of being self-employed. For that I am truly grateful and blessed!

Living into our purpose doesn’t have to be a bold brave scary move. It can come to us through a series life experiences, reflection and simply asking ourselves these same questions regularly.

If my experience can help you in anyway gain more results in your life, I encourage you to reach out. I would be honoured to share my story further. Get in touch with me at or (506) 856-9258.