My Story

Point of Impact


Doug Collins, after a 24 year career working in Corporate America, was terminated in 2010. He recognized with this event that he could choose to recycle through Corporate America or become responsible for his own economy.

Knowing the power of residual and leveraged income, Doug chose to turn his focus towards a lifetime dream of being a homebased entrepreneur and building a multi-level marketing organization.

The Challenge

From working in Corporate, Doug knew the power of having a patented proven product which was not duplicated anywhere in the marketplace would mean to a stable income opportunity.

Finding his “patented proven product” which can directly impact three of the largest epidemics facing society today that has associated costs exceeding a Trillion dollars annually, Doug recognized a real winner.

The Change

Changing his whole health future, Doug turned himself into his own ‘Make Life Better Project’. He has since shed over 70lbs while changing his entire body into a Fat Burning Machine taking his total health to a new level. He has personally seen, and now understands, ‘The Secret’ of true health is held in our blood chemistry.


The Vision

With absolute proof of how this patented product and its proprietary partner products can impact ones Health Future; with a market that exceeds $1 Trillion dollars and growing each year, a Vision was developed.

Doug knew Leadership and Action is created through having a strong purposeful, passionate Vision; strong enough to get people out of bed in the morning looking forward to their day and their future. His ‘Vision’ includes having 10’s of thousands of people being impacted Physically, Financially and Spiritually through engaging in a Business Model which absolutely creates Freedom for all individuals.

The Opportunity

The Consumer-Direct Network Marketing profession currently does over $167 billion in sales per year. Doug has partnered with a company which is over 23 years old and has a product that is Patented, Clinically Proven to Impact the three largest epidemics in society today, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Obesity, costing in total $1.6 Trillion dollars annually.

The income opportunity with such a product is greater than what the entire Network Marketing industry is currently doing annually. The goal is to Dominate the marketplace and build a network of product users in a Direct-to-Consumers program, from which many may choose to engage in the business model as they see the Financial Opportunity.

Your Invitation

Today, Doug is rising above obscurity, through social media and word of mouth marketing, impacting individuals health and financial circumstances.

Doug is actively seeking Sharp, Open Minded, Self-Motivated individuals who are open to new ideas and Income options, by either adding an additional income stream to their households or looking for a Self-Directed Business Opportunity, part-time or full-time.

Doug also welcomes new customers who wish only to take control of their health and move it in a more positive direction. If you are ready for change in your Life – Say Yes – Let’s Make Life Better Together!

Call Doug: (506) 856-9258