Unicity Matcha – Natures Chemicals in the Fruit

I had an interesting conversation yesterday that led me to explain Ingredients in natural foods. I find it fascinating that all-natural foods have a slew of ingredients that are confusing to 99% of humans. I find it even more intriguing how in the marketplace there are so many “educated” professionals who are equally uninformed.

The reason this conversation came up was around the nutrition label and ingredient listing for the Unicity Matcha. I have actually had this conversation a few times over the years with seemingly well educated people…who just did not know better.


A Blend of Natural Fruits

Unicity Matcha comes in two blends…these blends are Berry (Blueberries/Pomegranate) and Apple (Green Apple) that are in the Chi-Oka Ceremonial Matcha powder. The all natural fruit blends give Unicity Matcha that unique great taste, that is not available in the marketplace other than from Unicity.

In conversations I have heard people say…”oh, I can’t drink things that I cannot pronounce, it’s so full of chemicals“…OR….”this product has fructose in it and I don’t drink or recommend that anyone ingest fructose“.

Blueberries, Pomegranate and Green Apple

As you will see from the infographics below the actual chemical make-up of these three blended fruits, in their natural form. In each of them you will notice natural occurring chemicals many of which we cannot even pronounce, in addition to, yes…fructose. Fruits do have sugar…we all do know that right?




Fruits Have Tremendous Nutritional Value

We do however, on a macro-level, widely recognize and accept these three fruits as having tremendous nutritional value… but we do not look at them as being composed of several ingredients including water, sugar and a bunch of other stuff that most of us can’t correctly pronounce. However, no one would avoid eating them because they can’t pronounce these ingredients.

Educating Consumers

So all we can do is educate the marketplace, allow people to make their own decisions…and just shake our head as we hear these misinformed comments.

Listen to the interview with Dr. Kim Zigler, Nutritionist, Diabetic Educator, and Weight Loss expert as she discusses her knowledge of Unicity Matcha.

Those who do decide to enjoy Unicity Matcha are amazed at the difference it makes to their overall Energy levels, their Feeling of Well being and their Immune System…they just know good nutrition when they FEEL IT! Try it for yourself…you will be AMAZED!