We All Need a Coach & Mentor

Today I felt inspired to write about the value of having a Coach & Mentor for a number of reasons. First off, because I believe the reason less than 5% of people ever achieve their goals and dreams is because they try to do it alone.

I have figured a few things out through my experience.

  1. Having a Coach & Mentor has added so much value to my personal and professional life.
  2. I believe that most people do not fully understand the power of what a Coach & Mentor can do for them in all areas of their life.
  3. Most importantly now that I am a Coach & Mentor, I really understood the value I bring to others lives.

What is Coaching All About

Coaches & Mentors can be focused in many areas of your life depending on what you want to grow. I have personally benefited from coaches in a number of areas including my Heath, Financial Investments, Business & Personal Income Taxes, Business Coach, Social Media as well as Life Coaches.

My Experience with Coaching & Mentors

I know that I would not be where I am today without having a coach! All of the coaches and mentors in my life have provided me increased knowledge and training. Some I have paid directly for services and others have been rewarded indirectly through my investments and business returns.

The Value

What most people miss is the true intangible value of having a coach mentor especially for those starting their own business. There are lots of great coaches available for hire but its not the cost of fees that one should be consider…its the intangible value that the coach brings to your life and business enterprise.

Success comes through us before it comes to us. Your greatest leverage to a new life is to shift who you are: your habits, your character traits, your beliefs about you and other people. You were not born with any of those “qualities”. You adopted them and you can replace them at will any time you choose.”

~ Richard Bliss Brooke, author of best selling book ‘Mach II with your Hair on Fire, The Art of Vision & Self Motivation’.

Coaches & Mentors comes in many forms

  • Franchises, we know them well, come as package deal and provide Coaching & Mentor services as part of the franchise fees. These typically include everything from location selection, start-up equipment, to business support services, product sourcing agreements, business with coaching, training, marketing and even human resource services.
  • Private Business, is one that most owners starting out are out there on their own. When Coaching & Mentor services are required the resources must come at a outside hired cost as a fee for service.

    This is an import distinction and could be one of the many reason why only 1 in every 100 small businesses are still around at the 10-year mark as private business owners try to do it all on their own.

    I have personally experienced starting two new businesses in both the consulting services and a ‘bricks & mortar’ store retail store. So I can speak from personal experience that these kinds of small business require outside Coaching & Mentor services to be successful as there are so many challenges, learning and obstacles to overcome.

  • Home Based Business, while there are lots of different kinds of home businesses one can start I am personally excited about it is the network marketing profession.

    This is a home based business venture that has historically not been well understood or marketed throughout the business world as a viable business model. From a business standpoint there are many reason why this is the best business model.

    What most fail to see is that this is not just about a Company, a Product or even about the “making money” thing…what it is really about is building People and a Culture. This requires a Coach & Mentor!

    The Network Marketing profession is the cheapest way to find a good coach & mentor….someone who CARES and has a vested INTEREST in your REAL SUCCESS!

  • Are you looking for a network marketing opportunity and having a team of coaches in your corner to support you in learning the fundamentals of success? Call me, lets have a chat.

    Don’t every under estimate the value of having a coach in your life! Make the call NOW!

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