Turn Your New Years Resolutions into Results

As we prepare to celebrate the end of another year many of us will also start to reflect on this past year by assessing what we have accomplished as well as identifying those things that are missing in our life.

We will then begin to think about how we want our life to change over the next year and set goals with positive thoughts of change being our objective. We call this New Years Resolutions.

Are you aware of what you want?

Everyone has a desire for more time freedom, being able to manage the financial commitments, retirement, and even to improve our health.

But one of the biggest desires people have, but may not realize it, is that basic desire and need for money.

Here are the top 4 things most people set for their New Years Resolutions.

  1. Self Improvement or education related resolutions
  2. Weight related resolutions
  3. Money related resolutions
  4. Relationship related resolutions

Not Everyone Has New Years Resolutions

Statistics show that 45% of people set New Years Resolutions but only 5% of them will actually achieve it. Why is that?

Your Rate of Success

We know that based on research that after the first week of January 75% of the people who have a New Years Resolutions are sticking with it and after two weeks that number goes down to 71%. By the first of February that number drops to 50%.

What is Missing?

Since we know that only 5% of people will ever achieve their New Years Resolutions what has happened to the other 95%? The problem is that most people have no idea what they really want.

Even if you do know what you want chances are you are thinking small. The day you realize you can have anything, be anything and do anything then the only question left is…What is that you want? Will you set your life in motion to achieve your goals and dreams despite any and all obstacles?

It’s time to stop being a statistic of failure

Take some time to watch the below four part series of vidoes with Tony Robbins and really understand how to make a lasting change in your Life.

In summary, here are the 4 steps:

  1. Get clear about your current situation. Select one area of your life and describe it the way it is today.
  2. Write down all your habits, actions, omissions that you did on a regular base that brought you to your current situation.
  3. Be clear about what you really want. Have a compelling vision of all areas of your life! You need to have a strong enough reason that help you to follow through even when the going gets tough.
  4. Define new rituals (new habits and consistent actions) that will get you to achieve your compelling vision for your life.