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The Art of Leadership

When a Profession becomes a true positive Life-Experience Extraordinary leadership requires the ability to create new skills, expanding your thinking and belief. It all starts with building yourself, developing clarity and a strong commitment on where you are going and…
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That Refreshing Chi-Oka Matcha Experience

We are consistently seeing more interest in ‎Matcha‬ because of its powerful benefits…but what’s most exciting is that boost of refreshing energy you feel on the very first serving. The Matcha story is exciting and its rewarding. There are many…
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Matcha The Incredible Opportunity

The Entrepreneurial Opportunity The momentum continues to build around the most exciting, revolutionary and impactful wellness lifestyle drink to ever hit the market. The word is spreading quickly. Have you even looked at this yet? When it comes to timing…
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Matcha at the Shediac Park Market

This Summer of 2013 has turned out to be an amazing Matcha Roadshow launch as we continue to share the amazing Matcha experience. One market venue we have discovered to be most successful has been the Shediac Park Market in…
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That Unique Matcha Experience

The Energy Booster! It’s always exciting to see the reaction in those first time Matcha drinkers as they get that boost of energy and feeling of wellness….but that is not all they are getting. Matcha gives you all of the…
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Trip to the Philippines Part 5 of 5 – GenXGuy #59

Here is the end of the series of shows of our GenX family adventure as we all traveled 13,580KM (8,438 miles) away from our home back in Riverview, New Brunswick. I hope you enjoyed watching our adventure.