That Refreshing Chi-Oka Matcha Experience

We are consistently seeing more interest in ‎Matcha‬ because of its powerful benefits…but what’s most exciting is that boost of refreshing energy you feel on the very first serving.

The Matcha story is exciting and its rewarding.

There are many distinct differences that makes Chi-Oka Matcha different and completely sets itself apart from anything else on the market. The first and most important is the EXPERIENCE! Each and every time you drink it you feel it and just love it! Nothing compares to the immediate results like an ice cold Matcha!

It’s always exciting to see the reaction in those first time Matcha drinkers as they get that boost of energy and feeling of wellness. The exciting part is to see all the young kids who just love it!

The Unique Matcha Timing

Bringing the Matcha story to the world is exciting and its rewarding. The phenomena of global distribution called Network Marketing is changing the landscape of how products and services are moved from mfg to consumer. Matcha is exactly the perfect product to be distributed and supported through this distribution channel.

We are building an extraordinary passionate team together who Love That Matcha and we are attracting those who are truly ready. Maybe its time for you?