Rise Up and Stand on Your Mountain

For many it is the best of times … it’s the worst of times.

It is times such as these that will define us in our lives, families and our work. We will be known forever by the footprints we leave in these times of great change and disruption.

Life is not about the heartbreaks, the financial challenges, the obstacles…it is about the Triumphs….it is about rising to, over and through those obstacles and living with dignity and Triumph…

A gift that became a treasure

I have a story for you today. Five years ago I received a gift in the mail. It was a book that was autographed and addressed to me personally. It was from one of the original printings. As a student of success literature I was mildly interested, and scanned through the book quickly. I reached a quick assumption that the book was designed and written to ‘sell’ more seminars and cast it aside. I was wrong to do this and make this assumption.

Today lives a young man, Kun Joe, in Taiwan. He is 32 years old. Just 4 ½ years ago he was living a mediocre life in a country that is impoverished. He struggled with his business and just couldn’t seem to make any headway. He was given the same book I received. He read it and studied it cover to cover. He talked about it and shared the information he found.

People began to follow him and his teachings. This past February he hosted a conference in Bangkok that more than 20,000 attended. Through sharing this information and mentoring others to new possibilities his monthly income now has risen stunningly to over $400,000 US.

How does this happen?

It happens when we understand who we are, how we are blueprinted right from the earliest days of our lives, gain understanding of our underlying beliefs and where they come from. Then make the changes personally, that creates and causes the environment in our lives allowing us to rise above our personal struggles, challenges and lifetime patterns of successes and failures.

What do you stand for? What do you want?

These are not the times when we should lower our standards for prosperity; if anything, we should raise our sights, expand our thinking, explore new ideas, think outside our box, break down walls and embrace new and different horizons for our future. Rise up and Stand on Your Mountains!

Whether you are a stay at home mom or the CEO of your own company, I want to challenge you to step up. Grab hold of the reins of your life. Become the role model in your family and community, leave footprints of prosperity, dignity, and triumph.

The world is starving for people to forge new and enlightened paths to Freedom…so others, as Kun Joe has done, will follow your example. You can Move Your Mountains!

The Book……..Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

Article by Darlene_Long