Rising Tide Lifts all Boats – Where’s YOUR Boat?

The saying ‘A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats’ is based on the idea that an economic opportunity emerges if a product or a service fulfills the need of a growing market better than the competition, and better than any substitution-technology.

The key components in business success is that you are the first to have that solution; it’s a newly identified need or demand trend that you can exploit because it is not being addressed by any competitors.

The final component, and most important, for success in business is that it creates an opportunity for a REAL long term passive income.

The Right Boat in the Right Market

No time in history are so many people looking for something they don’t have; something they’ve lost! In the world today we have REAL big problems. Health is a REAL Problem. The Financial and Employment crisis is also a REAL problem.

Do you know who has the BIGGEST problem EVER?

The baby boom generation, right now today, is the largest, most significant target market on the planet!

The “over 50” age group, otherwise known as the Baby Boom generation is not only looking for work as a result of the latest recession; but they are also seeking natural ways to manage there top health issues: high cholesterol, weight (fat loss) and diabetes.

Take a look at what researchers and media are saying.

The second wave of boomers now 55 to 60 years old may find themselves in rough shape later from a combination of unhealthy living and poor personal finances, The News & Observer of Raleigh reported.

Baby-boomers have spent more years living with more obesity than the previous generation, researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) have found.

More than half (53 percent) of patients visiting a physician in 2001 were over age 45, compared with 42 percent in 1992, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

The massive postwar boomer generation drove every significant cultural and marketing trend for 50 years….is defying marketers’ expectations about how it wants to live and shop.

it matters now because half of the 77 million boomers — people born between 1946 and 1964 — will be 50 or older this year. That’s the age at which marketers traditionally lose interest in consumers….

With average life expectancy at an all-time high of 77.4 years, more and more over 50 consider middle age a new start on life. Fewer than 20% say they see themselves stopping work altogether as they age…

The boomers’ collective wallet will only get fatter as they continue working. As a group, people age 50 to 60 are flush, with more than $1 trillion of spending power a year, about double the spending power of today’s 60-to-70-year-olds.

They’re likely to be vigorous consumers as they empty the nest…

“Marketers are slowly waking up,” says Matt Thornhill, president of the Boomer Project, a Richmond (Va.) consulting firm. “If you’re going to expand your business, you will have to market to the aging boomer.”

The Timing is NOW!

There is no better time in your life than right NOW to participate in this market. This is YOUR chance to change your future.

This is a REAL product with REAL results!

There is a natural solution that is fast becoming the most validated and talked about solution that meets the greatest needs for this baby boom generation.

This product is called Bios Life Slim and it is backed by third party, peer-reviewed, clinical studies that demonstrate REAL impressive results for controlling Obesity, Lowering Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Triglycerides, and managing Blood Sugars for type 2 Diabetes.

Kathy Hart, MD

Listen to what Cathy Hart, M.D. has to say about Bios Life Slim. Check it out…You will be impressed! To find out what other medical doctors are saying click here.


This is a winning combination!

GET YOUR BOAT IN THE WATER and market like mad to this generation. This product is only marketed through a Bios Life franchise owner providing anyone the opportunity to take this to the market.

While we have hundreds of doctors and medical professionals offering this we are seeking every day people who want to make additional income for themselves. The tide is rising and those who enroll now will experience the financial results in this huge and expanding market.

Now is the TIME to TAKE ACTION.

Don’t pass this by thinking its another “chance opportunity”…..or something that may never happen! It is happening and will happen whether you personally participate or not. Don’t be left looking back someday telling the story that you “had the opportunity to put your boat in the water” but you didn’t….

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  1. Paul H Kemp

    Nice article, Doug! When the Boomers recognize en masse that MLM is their best hope of retiring in comfort and health, we're going to see the greatest growth in this business ever. Where else can the average person get paid a King's ransom just for talking to others about something exciting?

    MLM will come into its own when American Boomers realize that Social Security and their investments won't keep up with their needs.

  2. Doug Collins

    Thanks for the comment Paul. The direct selling industry offers everyone the entrepreneurial opportunity with a small financial investment in comparison to starting a traditional franchise or independent business. No time in history will so many people be looking for something like this…it's the opportunity they'll need. But finding the right company, products and opportunity is what people struggle with; one that includes strong leadership and mentors that will help you get started and be there with you as you build. Being in the right place at the right time is never more true now that we are heading in to the final phase of the baby boomer generation life cycle. It's time to be positioned to grow as this tide rises.

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