Ryan Ouellette – Success Story

I would like to introduce you to my friend Ryan Ouellette. Ryan works at the Saint John airport as a Pre-Board Screening Officer. Ryan came to Unicity last summer out of a new found love for Unicity Matcha, as a co-worker shared a packet of that green stuff with him to try.

He Said Yes to His Life


Not long after that I met Ryan we kicked off an active business relationship and we have since become great friends. When Ryan discovered the Unicity Transformation program and he immediately made the decision, as he said in his own words, “due to circumstances I just lost my rudder in my life and was I falling apart”.

Ryan’s Story

Having always been an active, lightweight boxer, Ryan never thought he would be considered overweight and out of shape. After sustaining a severe concussion and being diagnosed with high cholesterol, his weight spiraled out of control. Over that next 12 weeks Ryan’s life had changed so dramatically that is was truly a total life transformation. He has since lost 32 pounds and is back to his healthy and fit lifestyle…with new hope and a new vision! Congrats Ryan!

Grand Prize Winner

In January 2016, he submitted his story to the company as part of their Prime Challenge Contest and he was just recently selected as the GRAND PRIZE WINNER out of thousands of entries submitted from many countries.

Unicity sent a video crew to Saint John, New Brunswick from Salt Lake City to spend time with Ryan to document his story and this amazing journey he’s been on. Here is the video!

For more information on Ryan’s story and the Unicity Transformation call me at (506) 856-9258.