Follow Your Dreams Through a Home Business

The following article appeared as the Letter of the Day in the Times & Transcript on Wednesday, March 12, 2014. This is dedicated to all who have the courage to follow your dreams by starting a home business.

Never diminish humble beginnings and where you are at right now. When I think of my home business journey since leaving the corporate world over 3 years ago I know now that I am fulfilling my dreams and helping others discover theirs.

Home Entrepreneurs lift NB’s Economic Tide

Has anyone even noticed that the economic landscape throughout New Brunswick has changed? We see the obvious drivers in the economy as forestry, mining, farming, fishing and tourism, as well as a growing demand in food service, food processing, retail and call centers – mostly minimum wage part-time jobs.

What we fail to recognize is this ignored emerging economy in home based entrepreneurship. The majority of these home businesses actually fall in the Direct Sales profession. It is believed that most homes in New Brunswick have a product or service that was purchased from a friend in Direct Sales; such as cosmetics, personal care, jewelry, kitchen ware, food and health supplements, home décor, or clothing.

These home based entrepreneurs are easy to find as you can see them at the local markets, at wellness fairs, all over social media, as well as many other public venues throughout our communities. We are your neighbors who work out of our basements, in our living rooms, and out of our home offices.

Individually we may appear small and insignificant but collectively we are well connected to the emerging global economy through technology, social media and the internet. We do not ask for or need government handouts. We are this new breed of professional entrepreneurs who are creating New Brunswick as an interesting destination. Many of us are doing business all over the world educating consumers and offering our products and services right from our homes, and right across the street in your neighborhood.

If I was the Editor of this newspaper I would seek out these unique individuals and feature their stories to highlight examples of those who are out there in our communities creating their own career path, carving their way through this tough economy and generating their own financial stability. There is another story here besides the corporate and government doom and gloom that we all read in the news.

Many of us have interesting stories that lead us to decide why we do what we do, what drives us to continue every day, and the value we bring back into the local economy. These stories might just encourage someone else to step out and fulfill their dreams in a province that so desperately needs to understand that things have changed forever.

Doug Collins